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  1. You are soooo so creative and clever Tamsyn, I can only hope I could be the same....I love your style.

    1. Hi Tamsyn,
      I have really enjoyed poking around your blog!!! Such a beautiful, inspiring read!!! I have named 2015 the year of the reno in our house. We have lived in it for almost 5 years and our son also know as BAMBAM has done some serious destruction in it so now it is time. I will definitely be using your blog as inspiration for my decorating. Starting with a headboard for my 8 year old daughters bed. going to go for the same design as yours with buttons but material in a hot pink!!!!!!
      Everyone loves a compliment so I thought I would share my positive thoughts about your beautiful blog. Keep it up and keep inspiring ME!!!!!

  2. Tamsyn,

    I saw your fishing rod cupcakes on Pinterest and think they are absolutely adorable! What did you use for the rods? Where did you get the fish from?

    Thank you!!!

    Julie K.

    1. Thanks Julie! I got the fish from Toms Confectionery Warehouse and they're called Madelaine Coral Gummy Fish. The sticks are lolly pop or cake pop sticks. I hope this helps! xx Tamsyn

  3. Dear madam,
    I am from india,
    I like max & kate baby.
    I request to you Please send me more photos of kate & max

    Email -
    M. - 919712643838


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