Friday, March 30, 2012

In Your Easter Bonnet, with All the Frills Upon It

If there was ever a time that I am more convinced than ever that I need to have a baby girl, it's now. Craft is really fun with Max, but it's not pink or frilly. Which is ok, I love doing craft with Max. But I really, really, really love making pretty girly crafts with my niece Ava.

Last night Ava needed to make an Easter hat for her school's Easter parade, so I got to crack out the glue gun, pink ribbons and glitter! Last year Ava insisted on making her hat all by herself, and my sister said that when she wore it to school she was really upset because most of the other kids had 'proper' parent made hats. This year Ava was quite keen to let us 'help' her make the hat!

We started off with an old Australia Day hat ($2 a couple of years ago I think), and using only stuff that we already had at home we came up with a really sweet creation.

I started out by covering the brim of the hat in crepe paper ruffles, then added a few bands of extra crepe paper around the sides of the hat.

While I was wrapping the hat in layer after layer of pink crepe paper, Mum and Ava (with some help from Max) covered some foam eggs in glitter and made a birds nest out of pipe-cleaners for the top of the hat.

I added some ribbons, a bow in the back and hot-glued the nest to the top of the hat and we were done!

Ava went to bed last night before we finished, and she was so excited to see the hat in the morning!!

Mum took Max along to see Ava in the hat parade this morning and he really loved it. He wanted his own hat to wear once he got home (and refused to pose for photos once it was done!).
Stay tuned, I have plenty more Easter posts on their way!!


  1. I LOVE Easter!

    I truly hope you're blessed with a pink baby one day :)

    I absolutely understand that longing :)


    1. It's a strange feeling isn't it. Knowing that you have everything you could ever wish for, but still feeling like something is missing. xx

  2. I love it- the nest on top is super creative! Pink and frilly can definitely be so fun! I like the bunny ears too!

  3. That's such an awesome hat! You are so talented, there's no way I could have envisioned that or made it even if I had!

    1. Thanks Ames. It was mostly a lot of luck, it could have easily turned out very differently!

  4. That is a super cute hat!! She looks so happy wearing it :)


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