Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toddler Tuesday - Handmade Father's Day Gift

In yesterday's post I mentioned that it was Sean's birthday on the weekend. In honour of the occasion Max and I made him a sweet little handmade present. Sean absolutely loved it, and whilst we gave it to him for his birthday, it would also make a really great Father's Day present.

It was so quick and easy to do, and the end result is really effective. First up I got Max to draw a picture of Sean. I had him do this part a week in advance, he's two and can be very contrary when he wants to be. I didn't need to worry though, he was happy to oblige and I used the very first picture he drew :)

Later on in the day I sat down with him and asked him some questions about his Daddy. He thought it was a fun game, and loved answering the questions.

All I did after that was type up and print out the questions and answers and frame them along with Max's cute little drawing.

Sean really did love it, and Max loved giving it to his Daddy and seeing his reaction when he opened it. He was so proud of his art and loved seeing it in the frame!

With Father's Day still just around the corner I've been scouring the net for something else to make Sean for next weekend. I'm not going to say which project I've decided on just yet (because a certain baby-daddy reads this blog), but here are some of the best ones I've found.

Julia from Kuku Couture Invitations made this adorable little card with her 2 year old. I love that she has made it into a printable and has it available for download on her blog. It even comes with sweet little 'fill in the blank' coupons that you can include inside the card :)

Another blogger who's made up a free printable is Britni from Hubby Made Me. She created this gorgeous tie bunting and card for her daughter to give her Daddy on Father's Day. So cute!!

I really love this little handmade book from eighteen25. It would be perfect for anyone with slightly older kids, there are a few different pages for the kids to fill out, it's so gorgeously presented and (yep, you guessed it) the eighteen25 girls have a printable all ready to be downloaded on their site.

So tell me, what do have planned for Father's Day this year? Or if you are overseas and have already celebrated, do you have a link to a project you did this year?


  1. That's adorable! Is it wrong that I'm relying on daycare for father's day gifts this year? :o)

  2. Great idea for Fathers Day, and I'm impressed that Sean gets to have arms and legs- if I asked Alan to draw Dad, he would draw a big squiggle :)

    1. He definitely gets his drawing skills from his Dad rather than me!!


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