Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Plane Party - Max's 2nd Birthday

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This week I am *officially* on maternity leave, so I'll be re-posting a couple of favourites from my archives.

Seeing as I'm in the midst of getting everything ready for Max's 3rd birthday I though I would share the details from his second birthday plane party. Enjoy!


On Saturday we celebrated Max's 2nd birthday with a plane party. The whole event went of without a hitch and Max had a really good time. I was really impressed that with a bunch of toddlers we didn't have one tantrum. A miracle!

I think the favourite activity for the babies was just sitting around and playing with toys and the favourite for the adults was the desert buffet.

The Invitations - designed and made by me
Afternoon Tea Table
Buttered popcorn, mini oreos, mini crackers, sandwiches, carrot sticks in dip and fruit skewers.

Plane Shaped Sandwiches
Drinks Station
Simple entertainment
Cloud Favours - Paper packages with mini mm's sewn inside

The Desert Table - with mini cheesecakes in jars, chocolates, jelly in fruit, oreo cream filled cake, lollies, and iced coffee for the adults.

Straws and Milk Bottles from The Little Big Company
The Cake
Cutting the Cake

Present Table

My Birthday Boy

For games we played pass the parcel and Sean also brought out his guitar for a music session with the kiddos. My Mum took photos of both but I haven't got the photos off her yet.

It really was a great day. I can't wait for next year!



  1. Ah I love it! We did a plane party for Ramona's 3rd. Another reason why our kids are soul mates! ;)

    1. A match made in heaven!! I loved Ramona's party so much, you've definitely inspired me to one day hire a food truck :)

    2. Haha yes we joked that we needed the food truck for hipster cred, but honestly they just make amazing cupcakes!

  2. Nawww I can't believe how little he is in these photos. It was a great party! Can't wait for this year's :o)

    1. I know J! It's amazing how much he's changed in a year :)

  3. You are the party queen! All those decorations and the food look fantastic. A lot of work planning but it is definately worth the effort just the look on Max face says it all :)

    1. Yiu're too sweet Michelle :) It is hard work, but so much fun as well!!


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