Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So not ready for this!!

So this happened the other day...

I figure I've still got a few weeks before he actually starts crawling, time to baby proof the house I think!

Here's what else my littliest man is up to -

 - rolls both ways (and has been doing so for over a month)
 - smiles and laughs so much, he seriously is the happiest baby ever!
 - loves his big brother to pieces and watches him like a hawk
 - LOVES playing with toys and will reach out and grab the ones he wants to play with
 - gets distracted in the night and tries to crawl around his cot instead of sleeping
 - has recently gone back to waking up to feed four times a night, making for a very tired me...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Recap

I hope you all had a great Easter. We certainly did here! I mentioned the other day that besides Christmas, Easter is my favorite time of the year and this year was no exception! One of things I love most about it is that it brings all our family together.

It's becoming a tradition that I host an Easter brunch each year. After the Easter egg hunt Sean, my mum and sister and who ever else wants to help all work together to whip up a yummy meal. In my mind I always plan it to be an elegant affair with gorgeous table settings and 5 star food. In reality its normally 10+ people crowded around a 6 seat table with bacon, eggs, fruit, pancakes and hot cross buns. It's still perfect though :)

Max woke up super early on the Sunday and unlike at Christmas, he didn't need reminding that it was a special day. The first thing he asked when he woke up in our bed was 'has the Easter Bunny visited us'! He was so excited to find that the bunny had eaten the carrots and left baskets of treats for him and Lincoln.

{The gorgeous Easter bunnies my sister made the girls and the no-sew Easter baskets I whipped up}

Once my sister and her girls and our parents arrived we did the Easter egg hunt. They three of them had so much fun! I think next year will be really special too with Lincoln getting involved for the first time. This year he slept through the whole thing!

After the egg hunt Max, Ava and Emmy sat down at the table to look through their baskets and they were spoilt with even more eggs from the grandparents.

A week later and we still have a house full of chocolate. I'm thinking about whipping up a big batch of something for Sean to take to work tomorrow, otherwise we'll be eating Easter eggs for months!