Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holly's Room

Today one of my favourite interior designers (Bel from Petite Vintage Interiors) is sharing the very gorgeous room of her little girl Holly. It's such a gorgeous mix of handmade, designer, diy and vintage finds. I'm in love!! It's the exact look I would want for my own (imaginary) daughters room!

Head on over to the Petite Vintage Interiors Blog to see the rest of the gorgeous photos and a full list of supplier details.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome Evie Jayne

A little less than a week ago my best friend Erin gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl called Evie. I've only seen photos so far, but I already know that she is just about the sweetest thing in the entire world! I can't wait to actually meet her :).

I shared this Evie inspired mood board on facebook last week and as promised I'm back with the sources for each of the items I used.

Cot - Reese Cot from Incy Interiors
Chair - Peacock Chair from The Family Love Tree on Down That Little Lane
Yellow and Pink Blankets - Sticks and Stones on Etsy
Love Cushion - This one is by me :) - Max and Me Homewares on Etsy
Pom Pom Cushion - Limited Edition Cushion by Petite Vintage Interiors
Curtains - Ikea Sheer Curtains
Light - DIY by A Bubbly Life - Tutorial in Link
Bunny Wall Art - Chloe's Shop
Polka Dot Canvas - Nest Accessories on Down That Little Lane
Mouse Softie - from Cloth and Thread

Monday, October 14, 2013

Strawberry Party for Emmy

As much as I love truck parties, fish parties, airplane parties and the like, there is always going to be a special place in my heart for pretty girly themed parties. It's so satisfying to not have to worry if anything I'm making is too pretty or frilly.

Last weekend my sister mentioned that we would be having a bbq in the park for Emmy's third birthday, but that she was flat out at work and didn't have time to put together anything fancier than a sausage sizzle. You can work out what happened next... I promised not to go overboard or spend too much money and Jen gave me full licence to do whatever I wanted for Emmy's party. Love her!!

Once I decided on the strawberry theme it all came together really quickly.

We had the party down at the park yesterday and luckily I'd set everything up at home and snapped some photos first because it was crazy windy once we got down there! Plus it was super hot and the cake melted in the middle and started to collapse! It wasn't a drama though, we just ate cake first before we cooked the bbq. No-one has ever complained about getting to eat cake first!