Friday, March 4, 2011

I Heart Fridays

Fridays are absolutely my favourite day of the week. The reason? Fridays are swimming lesson day!

Max gets so much joy out of his weekly half hour lesson. He splashes, kicks his little legs, jumps in off the side of the pool, swims under the water and blows bubbles. So cute. It's so amazing to see how confident he has become compared to his first lesson 6 weeks ago. And just secretly... I enjoy going to the lessons just as much as he does!

In other news it's Poop Week here at my house.

Yesterday I accidentally trapped Cooper in Max's room and he pooped (horrible, nasty, diarrhea poop) all over Max's carpet. I have no idea why. He was trapped in there for about 5 minutes. Maybe he freaked out, or maybe he has a sore tummy. Like I said, I have no idea.

I arranged for a carpet cleaner to come out today and just as well I did. This morning I went in to get Max up, and he had taken off his nappy at some point during the night and done a massive poo (diarrhea as well, WTF!) all over his bed. It seemed fresh (tmi?) so hopefully he hadn't been rolling around in it all night... Anyway the carpet cleaner is here right now so hopefully he'll get the smell out along with the poo stains.

I hope your Friday is awesome too!


  1. Glad you got onto it quick. Sometimes diarrhoea soaks in to the underlay and the smell comes back to haunt you.

    Trust me. You don't wanna know how I know.

  2. Nice Kelley, hopefully the cleaner managed to get it out of the underlay too. :)


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