Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb Photo a Day on Instagram

I think I've mentioned before how much I love instagram. In fact, I think I spend most of my 'online time' there these days. It's so easy and so addictive :)

Like thousands of other instagrammers I've been joining in everyday with FatMumSlim's #febphotoaday challenge. It's heaps of fun and definitely gets me thinking most days. Here's what I've shared so far...

Day 1 | My view | my en-suite as I cleaned it

Day 2 | words | DIY pallet art in my laundry (details here)
Day 3 | Hands | Its amazing to see how much Max has learnt to do with his little hands in two short years

Day 4 | Stranger | a pharmacist with a sense of humour?

Day 5 | 10am | trying to work out which of these two cheeky cousins stole the pink donut (although Max confessed, we later found out it was Ava!)
Day 6 | Dinner | a quick and easy Monday night dinner
Day 7 | Button | waiting to be turned into a cushion
Day 8 | Sun | trying to break through the clouds (view over my back fence)

Day 9 | front door | Max waving to his cousins (details of the DIY door frosting here & the DIY door-mat here)
Day 10 | Self-Portrait | baby cuddles after a rough night

Day 11 | Something that makes me happy | shopping with my beautiful sister
Day 12 | My Closet | this is the only corner of it safe for viewing
Day 13 | Blue | blue from all the corners of my house
Day 14 | Heart
Day 15 | Phone | My gorgeous bestie and her baby boy

Day 16 | Something new
Day 17 | Time | 10:37am playing in the splash pool after Max's swimming lesson
Day 18 | Drink
Day 19 | Something I hate to do | pay tolls
Day 20 | Handwriting | on my kitchen chalkboard

Day 21 | A fave photo of me | meeting Max for the very first time
Day 22 | Where I Work
Day 23 | Shoes | I got these flats in a two for $30 sale

Chantelle has posted a new list for next month. Check it out here if you want to play along too!


  1. You're so creative. Love it. :)

    PS Did you get your photos from Webstagram, or did you email them to yourself?

    1. I didn't think of using Webstagram... I just emailed them to myself :)

  2. You know I'm addicted :) love seeing your pics

    1. Thanks Julia, I love seeing your photos too :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love your laundry art work. x

  4. Wonderful pictures Tamsyn:-)

    Greetings from Switzerland


    1. Thanks for vising Orianne. I love your blog BTW, I'm a huge gymnastics fan!

  5. I just got sucked into your beautiful blog and I HAD to pin your chalkboard's LOVELY! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Kindra, I'll check you out on Pinterest :)


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