Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Loops n Swoops + A Giveaway!

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There have been a lot of knocks on the door over the last couple of weeks from the postie and various couriers. Almost every single time it's been a little gift for Lincoln, which is amazing and sweet and kind and very much appreciated, but it was starting to rub a certain toddler up the wrong way!

The other day when a courier arrived with a huge package Max asked the usual question 'it's for me Mumma?'. You should have seen his reaction when I said yes, he couldn't contain his excitement, it was so adorable! There may have even been some box hugging involved :)

Once we opened the box and Max saw that it was the Fisher Price Little People Wheelie Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park he was even more excited. Now that he's three he is all of a sudden crazy about cars and trucks and ramps and all things like that.

We got started on putting it together and I have to say it was probably one of the easiest toys I've ever assembled. I'm talking '7 days post c-section and it only took me 15 minutes' easy. Got to love that!

Max couldn't help himself and started to play with it before I'd even finished setting it up!

At just over 2 feet tall it's the perfect height for Max, he lined up the little cars and trucks at the top before sending them all shooting down the two-sided ramp in quick succession. It came with two new amusement park themed wheelies (four wheelers, perfectly sized for little hands!), once he saw them Max realised straight away that were similar to the ones he already had and went and grabbed them all from his room :). The more the merrier I guess!

Once I showed Max how the cars would go down the (gravity defying, 360 degree!) loop he was all over that too. He even made up a little song that I had to sing every time before he would push the button to send the car down the loop. Seriously, there is nothing sweeter than a toddler's imagination! He worked out pretty quickly that you can lift the ramp at the end of the loop so that the cars do a jump at the end as well.

After we'd played with it for about 20 minutes, I suddenly remembered (baby brain ftw) that it took batteries (3 AAA) and popped those in. Max loved the 'muse-lic' and sound effects and lights that starting playing as the cars went down the ramp. It was like I took his favourite thing ever and then added chocolate to it, toddler heaven!!

Later on in the afternoon Max's cousins came over and started playing with it as well. I loved seeing how they all had different favourite things. Ava liked the bottom level where you can drive the cars up to the ticket booth, fun-house mirror, food stand and lift gate, Emmy loved taking the little colourful flags and moving them around to different parts of the amusement park and Max just kept on sending those cars down the ramps!

Days later Max is still loving it. We have it sitting in the lounge room and whenever I sit down to feed Lincoln Max will happily play on the floor. He's started building block towers at the end of the loop the loop for the sole purpose of watching the cars crash into them. Boys, huh!

Now for the best part, just in time for Christmas I have one Little People™ Wheelies™ Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park to giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me why your little one would love their very own one of these.

The giveaway is for all Australian Readers and is open until the 14th of December. Good luck!! (Full terms and conditions are here.)

{This giveaway has now closed. A big congratualtions to the winner - Rachel T. I hope you're little guy loves this as much as Max does!}


  1. I love his response that is so cute!! My daughter would love this because no one buys her cars but it is her favourite type of toy! It is such an awesome station!

  2. I have 2 awesome little grandsons who would get ours of pleasure playing with this. would love to win it. :)

  3. With a house full of boys comes a house full of cars! This looks like an awesome toy and I am pretty sure my boys would be amused for ages with it! I love that it is somewhat compact and would be easily thrown in the back of the car to take with if needed!

  4. My darling daughter Kayla, aged almost three
    Loves nothing more than playing with toys merrily
    This looks as though it would really amuse
    If given this toy, she wouldn't refuse!
    In fact, I'm sure she'd be tickled pink
    As would her two older sisters, I think!
    She'd have a grand time doing wheelies and loops
    Past the colourful flags and gates and hoops!!

  5. Wow my 3.5 year old would love this... Car crazy in our household too!

  6. My son needs encouragement to stand - as he is on the cusp of flexible legs, at 19 months old we are still struggling to get him to put weight on his legs and keep him standing. This would be a perfect toy to encourage him to use his leg muscles to stand and play!

  7. Max looks like he is having a ball with it!!! I would LOVE to win this for Georgia! It's exactly the kind of thing that would keep her entertained for ages!!

  8. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comDecember 4, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    This is unreal, I would have loved one of these and I know my kids would have a great time with it!!!

  9. Anything with wheels that goes fast is a hit in this house
    My little man will play for hours with this (maybe not quiet like a mouse)
    I love to sit and play cars with him too
    His favourite colours are blue, green and red just to name a few

  10. My son, who is nearing the three year old mark, gets a bit (a lot) frustrated when a home made car ramp (read box lid) keeps falling "ober" and is "bwoken". He would have such a great time with the Little People™ Wheelies™ Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park, and would not have to worry about the ramps failing on him. His little sister would also love playing with this one her own or with he big brother. :)

  11. My daughter and husband would have HOURS of fun playing with this, in fact on a recent christmas shopping trip my husband remarked on this toy and about how fabulous it was. My daughter loves playing with her daddy's old matchbox cars so she would DEFINITELY enjoy playing with this fabulous toy from Fisher Price!

  12. I have a three year old Max too, who - like your Max - LOVES his cars!
    He's loved the Fisher Price Little People since he could crawl, and we have just discovered the newer 'Wheelies' range - it's incredible!
    I know our cheeky little Max would love this to pieces (in fact, I'd be so excited to play with it with him!)
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!
    Good luck to everyone (and woohoo & congratulations if you win!):)

  13. We have a Little People addiction! We scour op shops and school fetes looking for pieces to add to our collection, and birthdays and Christmas mean a new set. We have so many fun cars, trains, buses, people and animals - but we don't yet have an amusement park. (how very Richard Branson!)

  14. Wow. I'm not sure whether Brian (4.5yrs) or Simon (1.5yrs) would love this more. Both my boys love their cars and usually resort to driving them around on maps and the junk mail. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Both my boys love cars and Ramos. This looks like it would keep them occupied or ages. Thanks for giving away such a great toy!

  16. To be honest with you, having 2 girls in the house I have never actually looked at toys like this in the shops, and yet I know the girls would love taking turns and watching the cars zoom! down the ramps, and watch in awe as the loop-the-loop....brings back so many memories of my childhood, and playing with my brothers cars! Love the photos and he really is super chuffed with the gift! Gorgeous, and congratulations!

  17. Oooh! I literally squealed a little with excitement when I saw this was a giveaway! My son would LOVE this in ways you couldn't even imagine! He's almost three, and can only say 5 words. The word we hear most? Yep, CAR! What does he do all day? Yep, plays cars! His favourite thing at the moment is to drive cars all over mummy and daddy - up our arms, down our legs, all over our head... It makes a nice massage, but I think the poor little guy needs a car track!

  18. I need this toy for my little girl, because she is soooo brainwashed by childcare on what is "girls" and what is "boys" - this would be so ideal because she would get what mummy (and daddy and sissy) is saying when we try to explain gender neutrality.

    What aaa batteries? what song? he he - how long do you think that would last?!

  19. I think this is the first toy that our children all used nicely together. I have some great photos of all the kids at Max's party loving it too :o)

  20. my son is always building things as high as my table and he sings bat man as the cars race to the ground he drives along my skirtings and loves marbles this would entertain him for hours and give me some relief i would love to win this for him and all the diffrent colours he would love


  21. My little master would love the bright colours of this Loops n Swoops Amusement Park. He could be entertained for hours with all those Loops and Swoops. It might even give me time to finish a cup of Tea.

  22. Oh my gosh!! My two girls would love this 'swoops n 'loops! They like headers too because Dad drives one! So much they could do in a compact size.

  23. Two babies in my house have I,
    They twist, they turn, they tumble!
    This toy, it looks like so much fun,
    For my chubby little bundles!

    What an awesome giveaway, glad little Max finally scored! xx

  24. I'd really like to "PAY IT FORWARD"..as I don't have boys and my two girls have grown.
    The 'SALVO'S have helped me out a lot this year with food vouchers, smiles and sometimes not sooo good instant coffee. I would love to donate this toy for someone much less fortunate than me and my family for a wee boy who would love a 'loops & swoops' Amusement Park. Chappy Helen at Cab Salvo's would be delighted.

  25. My son is nearly two and is calling out (with his actions) for some more quality toys to keep him busy! The Little People's loops and swoops amusement park would keep him and his friends from Mothers group entertained for hours and hours. Hopefully long enough for us Mums to have a coffee and a sneaky biscuit while the children are too busy to catch us! russellcathryn at yahoo.com.au

  26. My little man could really use a proper place to race his cars, instead of him thinking that EVERYWHERE is a race track!! I'm woken up by cars racing across my face and crashing in to my nose, up my legs while I'm washing dishes, they've even been known to race across my feet while I'm trying to have a wee! I've even caught him racing them on the TV (shhh, don't tell Daddy!) and over his baby sister! Basically anywhere he can race them he will!
    I find them stashed away in the strangest places too, sometimes under my pillows and blankets when I'm making the bed or in a shoe when I go to put it on. One time when I went to pay for food shopping, I reached in my bag and pulled out a handful of cars!
    He just loves his cars so much, he would think this was the most fantastic thing ever for hours of loopy, swoopy fun!


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