Monday, January 28, 2013


Max - Oh Max, you have been an absolute handful this week. Naughty, cheeky, and pushing the boundaries left right and centre. I still love you to pieces though :)

Lincoln - Last night you slept for 8 and a half hours straight. Bliss! Back when you were 3 weeks old and screaming for hours on end in the middle of the night your Dad and I thought that a good nights sleep was a distant dream. Oh how you've changed my gorgeous boy!

{I love this photo so much because it shows how similar their eyes are. Lincoln's are getting browner and darker every day :). }


  1. What an odorable photo of your two boys

  2. yay for sleep x my sons 14weeks and sleeping almost 12 hours most nights x

    You have a spammer x

    1. A good night's sleep makes parenting so much more fun don't you think ;)

      Thanks for the heads up on the spammer, I've been getting hammered by them lately and every now and then one sneaks past my spam filter...


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