Monday, June 17, 2013

The Sleeping Saga

Lincoln is now 7 months old and still waking to feed 3 times a night. Nine times out of ten the reaction I get when I tell people this is shock and horror.

But is it really that uncommon for babies to still wake in the night at 7 months?

I've been given lots of advice, everyone from my real life and online friends (who's advice is always appreciated), to my hairdresser, beautician, shop assistants, the ladies at the post office, childless men (always my fave!) and complete strangers.

Most of the advice we've happily ignored - like starting solids early (this has been suggested to me by at least a dozen people starting when he was only 4 weeks old), supplementing his night feeds with formula (I have no problems with formula, Max drank it from 5 months but a lack of milk is not the problem) adding a few drops of rum to a bottle for him, and ignoring him outright when he cries during the night.

Some of it we've tried - waking him up to feed at 10pm before I go to bed, giving him solids at 6 months, moving him into his own room (which we did a couple of days ago) and picking him up when he cries, hugging him and then putting him back down.

It doesn't matter what we do he still wakes up in the night and wants to be fed.

The thing is, I'm totally ok with it. Sure I complain sometimes, especially after a night where he's decided to feed five times, but generally I don't mind.

I love breastfeeding Lincoln and those night feeds are so special to me. It's just me and him. During those feeds I am the only thing in the entire world that matters to him. And there is something so amazingly wonderful about that.

So next time someone asks me if he's sleeping through yet, I'm not going to let them offer me any more advice. I'll let them know that he doesn't sleep through the night, but that I don't mind at all. I'm sure he'll do it when he's ready.

xx Tamsyn


  1. It took 18 months and me going back to work before I really minded that Em wasn't sleeping through. As nice as sleep is there is something magical about snuggling a baby during the night xx

  2. I've just replaced night feeds in my bed with the dummy/ comfort in cot at 9 1/2 months. I miss cuddles in bed and she still wakes at night but she does a 6 hour stretch now so I get more sleep. I didn't feel ready until now and its a very personal choice.

    1. It is, good for you though. I bet it feels amazing to get some unbroken sleep in!!

  3. Oh my is he ever cute! Good for you mama! It's so wonderful that you look at that time with him in a positive way, I can understand how sometimes tired eyes might not always make it feel wonderful, but you are doing such an awesome job! xo

    1. Thank you :) Tired eyes definitely make things look a little less rosy some mornings!!

  4. Good for you! Enjoy that time. Those sweet moments ends too quickly!

  5. I totally miss the feeding at night. As taxing as it was on my sleep (and a little bit of sanity), it was worth it. And one day, she just just stopped waking as often overnight. She was older than Lincoln, too. Now, she's 2 and her older brother is nearly 6 and they wake at night and come sleep with me! Four bodies in my queen size bed makes the best snuggles, but early mornings for me coz they squish me out! Enjoy the moment! xx


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