Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mummy Diaries

** Mummy Diaries - sponsored by Bepanthen and Nuffnang - All poo stories and opinions are 100% my own **

A little over a month ago you might have seen a photo on Instagram of me and two of my girlfriends sitting in my lounge room having a chat with Em Rusciano. I'm kind of a closet fan girl, so it was totally surreal! In fact the whole experience was completely crazy, in one moment I went from having a coffee with my neighbour Andrea while our boys played, to having a house filled with a film crew, producers, a make-up artist and a super star presenter. Crazy, but completely fun as well! 

(Long live the mummy uniform of jeans, ballet flats and a cardigan – Em must have missed the memo!)
The point of having everyone there was to film a segment for the Mummy Diaries, which have been put together by Bepanthen Ointment for nappy rash. They’ve been catching up with groups of mums all around the country to talk about all those things that you never really think about until you’re a mum. Andrea, Jacqui and I decided to talk about nappy rash, poo and all the fun that comes with that stuff, and considering that between us we have 6 boys it was quite fitting. I don’t have girls, so I don’t know for sure, but it sure seems like boys and all things messy and gross definitely go hand in hand.

The whole thing was so much fun to be a part of and I want to send a huge thank you to the team at Bepanthen for thinking up such a great idea. I’ve been using Bepanthen Ointment for quite a few months now and I absolutely love it. Lincoln tends to get really bad nappy rash and it’s so perfect for his delicate baby skin. It contains pro-vitamin B5 to gently soothe and actively heal, so I find that if he wakes up with a really red bottom I can have it cleared up by lunchtime. My hands down favourite thing about it though is that while it still forms a waterproof barrier, it doesn’t have that yucky zinc-like look and feel that some other creams have. I love it and definitely recommend it, in fact if I was going to rate it out of ten I would give it an eleven, that’s how well it works on Link.

Anyway back to the poo (because really, what could be more riveting!), I have had some epic poo moments with both of my boys… I will never, ever in all my years forget the time I went into Max’s room when he was about 14 months old to find that he had pooed, then taken off his nappy and smeared it all over himself and his cot. Lincoln helped me get payback a couple of months ago though, both boys were in the bath and Link let loose one of those huge yellow breast milk poos all through the bath and Max absolutely lost it. He was so cross at his baby brother!

Although those were seriously gross moments, Andrea tells a story in the video that is a serious contender for the grossest poo moment trophy! But then I think we probably all have at least one poo moment that was epically disgusting don’t we?

Anyway here’s the video, I would love for you to watch it even if it’s just to laugh at my ability to completely embarrass myself on a regular basis! (Oh and watch out for the Cooper cameos, he’s had his fair share of disgusting poo moments too, but I’ll save those for another day!)

xx Tamsyn


  1. Look at you! Yay!

    I used Bepanthen on Lily which was by far the best cream I used. I was lucky because she rarely had Nappy Rash, unlike her big sister who used to get it quite often. I'm so glad now I am over all the baby problems like poo, wee and rashes! lol

    1. You're finally past it all and I'm still smack bang in the midst of it!! I had the opposite with my boys, Max barely ever had nappy rash whereas Link has it quite often :)

  2. Hahaha I love poonami stories. I'm just counting myself lucky because Maksi and Leo have never had one in public.

  3. Poo stories are the highlight of my day!!! Love it;)


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