Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Love

Thanks for your sweet messages folks, I'm feeling a whole lot better now.

Seeing as I have missed a couple of weeks I have a few catch up posts that I want to do. The first one is from the weekend before last, when Max had a play date with the daughter of one of my close friends.

Max and Kate were born 5 weeks apart, but seeing as Nat and her husband live 3 hours from us we've only had a handful of play dates over the last two years. On most of those catch ups, they took turns alternating between ignoring each other or making each other cry. Cute, but not so much fun.

This time was completely different. For the first time they actually played together. It was adorable!! Here's some photos Nat and I managed to snap of them...

Max fell over and started to cry, so Kate gave him a hug. I think my heart may have burst!

Having an afternoon snack together.

Max absolutely loved Kate's swing and slide set.
While they were on this swing Kate leaned in and tried to give Max a kiss. So cute!

Hanging out with Nat, Phil and Kate has got me looking forward to Christmas sooooo much. Hopefully there will be loads of play dates :)


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