Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Gift Boxes

If you follow me on Pinterest you will probably know that I have a thing for gift wrapping. I absolutely love it.

The problem is (with the exception of Christmas), I'm normally so disorganised that at the last minute I throw my presents into gift bags and promise myself that next time I will go to more effort.

Well, with my nieces birthday and one of my friends having her first baby, I finally got around to putting that effort in.

Ages back I had pinned some gorgeous crepe paper flowers, and I decided to give them a go.

Turns out they were super easy.

I made this pale pink and gold one for Emmy's birthday present, and the pink and red one for Cat's baby present (the pink and red was a bit hard to photograph though, I think it looked better in real life).  I also wrapped the boxes rather than buying ones in the colours I wanted, I prefer the way the look when they have been wrapped.


If you want to give them a go yourself here's the tutorial I followed. If you do make sure you let me know how they turned out!


  1. Oh thanks for sharing these! I love that, it really dressed up your packaging nicely! Love those shoes, too!

  2. You did such a great job! They look amazing! I'm the same way with promising to do something cute and then ending up using the gift bag at the last minute, but you definitely did a great job with these.

  3. Thanks Brittany and Melanie :)


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