Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mini Break

Here in the Max and Me household we're back from a mini-getaway that we took last week. Sean, Max and I took 5 days off and headed up to Hervey Bay to stay with Sean's parents.

It was exactly what we needed. I don't know which one of us had the best time!

Wednesday was our first full day up in the Bay and we made the absolute most of it. We bundled everyone (including Cooper) into the car and started the day out with a trip to the beach. It was a little bit chilly and overcast, but Max and Cooper didn't care. They ran and ran and ran!

After exhausting ourselves at the beach we dropped Cooper off at Sean's parents and then went out for coffee. Max had a babycino, which he thought was ok. Although he liked it much better when I added some of my chocolate milkshake to his little cup!

(I adore his chubby little toddler hands!)

After we finished our drinks we took a big walk out on Urangan Pier. This was hands down the highlight of Max's day. The pier was full of people fishing and Max would stop at each person to check if they had any fish in their bucket. Some of the people were really nice and would let Max put his hands in their buckets to touch the fish. He also got to hold a fish. Way too gross for me (I think fishing is barbaric), but Max is a boy and loves doing boy things. Who am I to deny him the pleasure of holding a stinky dead fish!

(Looking for fish under the pier)

(catching a ride on they way back)

The rest of the time we were there we had lots of family time. We took Max swimming, or I should say I took Max swimming. The pool was freezing and only Max and I were brave enough to hop in.  Max fed the ducks down at the bottom of the garden a million times. He loves those ducks so much!

Sean's parent's backyard, looking down from the back deck. Down the bottom there is a little lake past the pergola. (The yard ends on the other side of the lake). Sean and I got married down in the bottom of the garden three and a half years ago

We went shopping a few times and Max got spoilt with new toys and a few new pairs of pyjamas.

We also got Max's gorgeous haircut. It was horrific and I cried once we got back into the car. We ended up taking him to a second hairdresser to fix up the mess the first hair dresser had made. Thank goodness hair grows!

On the Friday I got myself a much needed pedicure and took Max out for another coffee after doing some more shopping. He was very unimpressed when he found marshmallows in the bottom of his little coffee cup. Max pulled each soggy marshmallow out of his drink and dumped them unceremoniously onto the table top.

Sean and I also managed to squeeze in a date. We went out to the restaurant that we had our wedding reception at. It was great to have some time just for the two of us. Although I did manage to forget that I have a newly acquired shellfish allergy. I ordered prawns and only remembered when my tongue and mouth went numb halfway through dinner. Later that night I started throwing up and was convinced that I had food poisoning... I think it was just the seafood allergy though. Completely dumb and a story for another day...

On Saturday we took Max to Neptune's Reef World. I thought it was fairly overpriced at $18 per adult, but Max loved it so it was well worth it in the end. We got to see turtles being fed, big fish and little sharks being fed and lots of little reef fish in their tank habitats. Max especially loved the sea stars!

(I forgot my camera so I took these photos from the Reef World website)

Sunday was our last day in Hervey Bay. On our drive back down to Brisbane we stopped in Maryborough and caught up with two of my favourite friends (along with their husbands and gorgeous children. My camera was flat, but luckily Cat and Nat both had their cameras and took all of the gorgeous photos below.

Max and Kate (Nat's little girl) are only 5 weeks apart and they get along so beautifully!

Adorable in their matching shoes!

Cat's little girl Georgia is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen :)

We met at Queen's Park in Maryborough and took the kids for a ride on the steam train. Max absolutely loves trains and thought it was the best thing in the entire world. He was so cute, as we were getting on the train he was yelling out 'all aboard'!!

Loving the train whistle!

After the best train ride in the histroy of train rides we went for a walk through the park so that the girls could take a million gorgeous photos.

Georgia was not impressed with the train and wanted to go home by this stage. Poor baby girl.

Max and Kate are the cutest little baby couple when they get together. They walked around the park holding hands, hugging each other and stopping to kiss whenever we asked them to. It was way too cute!!

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this!!

The next morning when Max woke up I asked him if he had any good dreams. He said 'I go on train with Kate. I love Kate!'. Awwww.

We're back home now, getting back into the swing of things and dreaming of our next mini-getaway.


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  2. Hi! I love your photos of the adorable. Last year DH and I spent a few days at Hervey Bay on the way to a wedding in Rocky. We stayed at Torquay but spent a lot of time at Urangan either on the jetty or walking along the Esplanade.Life seems to be at a slower pace there which I love.

  3. Hi Maria. My husband and I both grew up in Hervey Bay, I agree that it is such a laid back and relaxing place. I'm glad you got to spend a couple of days there enjoying it :)

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