Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paint Dipped Vase

Back before Easter I jumped on the paint-dipped bandwagon and DIYed a vase. I am finally getting around to sharing it, better late than never right!?

You can see the vase here on my Easter decorated sideboard...

I started out with a vase that I picked up from Vinnies (local thrift shop), it was originally $5 but I got it for $2.50 in a half price sale. Bargain!!

It was black when I bought it and my only plan was to spray paint it white. Unfortunately though, my bad habit of buying cheap spray paint from the dollar store caught up with me. For whatever reason there was something wrong with the can of paint. When I sprayed the vase the paint came out all chunky and left a gritty residue all over the vase. I probably could have done something to remove the paint, but it felt so horrible when I touched it so I put it in my decorating closet and forgot about it.

You can't tell in this photo but the paint job is patchy and gritty.

When I was getting ready to decorate for Easter I went looking around the house for something that was about 2/3s the height of the bunny frame and found the vase.

Straight away, I knew that I wanted to wrap it in jute twine and then give it a paint dipped look.

I started out by wrapping the whole thing in twine. I started up at the top and using hot-glue I secured the twine as I went along.

I ran out of twine about 2/3s of the way down the vase and had to go and buy some more. The new twine was a bit different to the old stuff and didn't seem to be as thick. I didn't worry about it though seeing as that part of the twine would be painted over anyway.

When it came time to do the paint dipped part of the vase I cheated and used a paint-brush. It seemed really wasteful to pour out a big tub of paint. I think my way of doing it gave just as good a result.

I started out by roughly painting a line at the point that I wanted the paint to go to, and then painted up to that line.  I did three thick coats of paint, letting each coat touch dry first.

The end result looks really good. The paint is nice and thick, with really good coverage and it really does look as though it's been dipped in a tub of paint.

I think I am addicted to the paint dipped look now! I keep seeing things around the house that I want to paint. Wooden spoons, chair legs, baskets... nothing is safe!!


  1. Hi Tamsyn. I love how it turned out. It actually looks really beachy. Have a great ANZAC Day tomorrow

  2. Nice! I love the texture mixed with the paint-dipped trend.

    1. Thanks Tanya, I'm going to try some wooden spoons like the ones you did next :)

  3. I love this! It's so cute. I am already thinking of what I will "dip" in paint. Thanks for the idea. I would love for you to share this at my link party

    1. Thanks Sarah :) I'm away this week, but I'll make sure to link something up next week.

  4. Looks lovely I may do this on an old chair I have in Maks's room


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