Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Max has a serious thing for buses at the moment (along with trucks, trains and planes), he gets so excited whenever we see one. The cutest thing about his bus obsession is that his word for bus is 'filas'. He knows that they're called buses, but he chooses to call them filases instead. Adorable!

It started out a couple of months ago. We were reading his elmo book and every time we would get to the second page he would say 'look, it's a filas' and point to the picture of the bus. I thought he was confused and thought he might think it was a firetruck. I asked him what a filas was and he said 'ummm a filas'. The next day we were driving in the car and all of a sudden he yelled out 'look mum, a filas!'. I looked and saw a bus. I said to him 'do you mean bus?' and he said 'a filas is a bus mumma!'. Oh, ok then Max!!

Sean and I think it's so cute, so we haven't exactly discouraged him either. So a bus is a filas, and Max thinks they are awesome!

On Saturday we woke up to an absolutely gorgeous winter day, it had stopped raining, the ground was dry, the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. We decided it was the perfect day to catch the bus up to the shops and take Max on his first ever bus ride.

When we told Max what we were doing he was sooooo excited! We walked from our place to the bus station, we were a little enthusiastic though and had plenty of time to spare so we stopped off at the park on the way to have a swing.

We still got to the bus station with more than 5 minutes to spare. Max spent the whole time watching excitedly to see if the bus was coming down the street.

The squeal he let out once he did see the bus was hysterical. He was beyond excited. He said hello to the bus driver as we climbed on and helped Sean swipe his bus card.

Once we sat down he couldn't wipe the smile off his little face. He kept saying to us, 'we're on the filas!'.

A few minutes into our ten minute trip he asked to sit down on his own seat. He sat there looking around the bus in amazement trying to take it all in. Such a simple thing, yet he loved it so much!

Once we got up to the shops we took him out for lunch (where he gave us a healthy dose of attitude to remind us that he's only two and a half!) and did a bit of shopping before catching another bus home.


It was such a fun thing to do, and Max definitely had a blast! Next up we need to somehow get him a ride in a truck :)


  1. Oh my this is too cute! It's amazing how the simplest things can bring so much joy. He's so lucky to have parents who will take the time to take him on a "filas".

    1. Thanks so much Melanie. The joy in his little face makes everyday activities seem so much more fun!

  2. Max is so cute! So glad he enjoyed his fila ride!

  3. This made me swoon!

    He is such a gorgeous little guy, they bring so much significance & joy to the most simple things, don't they?

    He is a true joy! x

  4. I love it so much Cherie! All the things we take for granted or think of as mundane, they just get so much joy from. Having a toddler really helps you see the world from a different perspective :)


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