Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Toddler Tuesday - Jelly Worms

This weeks Toddler Tuesday activity was a real family affair. I was talking with Max on Sunday morning trying to come up with something to do that day when Sean wandered into the kitchen and said to me 'have you ever heard of jelly worms?'. I'd seen them on pinterest, so we decided to give it a go.

It was the perfect activity for Max. He was so excited about making Jelly and was able to help out every step of the way.

I found a packet of jelly crystals in the pantry and we got straight into it!

I really wish this next photo wasn't blurry... It really caught how excited Max was to be making jelly!

Once we'd mixed up the jelly (following the instructions on the packet), we got out a packet of straws and stood them up in a cup.

Then I helped Max pour the liquid jelly mix into the straws. I stressed out when the jelly started coming out of the straws and filling up the cup, but Sean pointed out that the straws were filled to the same height as the liquid. So I ended up just filling the cup and letting the jelly do its thing.

Max wanted to jump right in and drink the liquid jelly through the straws, but we convinced him to let us put it in the fridge by promising him that when he woke up from his nap we would have wiggly jelly worms.

Later that afternoon once the jelly had set nicely we got to work on making our worms.

First up we tried to blow the jelly out of the straws, which didn't work at all. Max did think it was fun watching Sean try though :)  We switched tack and ended up squeezing out the little jelly worms.

Max loved them! He ate them all up in minutes and asked for more (luckily we had set the left over jelly in some plastic cups).

This activity was definitely a winner. Max loved being involved in making the jelly, loved watching the 'worms' come out of the straws, and especially loved eating the jelly at the end!

Have you ever made jelly with your little ones? Did they love it as much as Max did?


  1. Oh this is cute!! Love your toddler Tuesday post last week also.

    I have some jelly crystals in the cupboard that I bought back from Australia so might try this with the kids. I am sure we have straws somewhere.....

    Noah {sensory quirks/food issues} won`t eat jelly but I am sure he would enjoy making these! Shion would love to eat them!

    1. Thanks Lulu, I hope Noah and Shion have fun. Let me know how it goes :)

  2. Next time you can try adding more gelatine and you'll end up with firmer worms :o)
    Max is adorable.... as always!

  3. I love Toddler Tuesday! This is so much fun, I made some for Halloween a few years ago. My husband wouldn't even eat them because they looked so real ;) I like how yours are more toddler friendly and fun! And what a little cutie you have there!

    1. Thanks Britni, I think he's pretty cute too! Great idea making them for Halloween, I might have to do that this year too :)

  4. Love it! I bet he loved those jelly worms!

  5. Sam asks us DAILY if we can make jelly, he loves the stuff, making and eating it! We will definitely have to give the worms a go:)

    1. It's crazy how much they love jelly isn't it!! I hope you have fun making the worms xx

  6. What Im going to do is put less water for a firmer jello worms :)


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