Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toddler Tuesday - Wobbly Jellyfish

Can you all do me a favour and pretend it's still Tuesday? Toddler Wednesday doesn't quite have the same ring to it ;).  I had this post ready to go for yesterday and completely forgot to post it. Baby-brain, an adorable newborn and some serious sleep deprivation will do that to you!

This week I've been in full swing getting things ready for Max's Fishy Party this weekend. I made some decorations using streamers and had a bunch left over, so Max and I decided to make them into wobbly jellyfish. There was a bit of confusion at first because Max thought I was talking about the kind of wobbly jelly that you eat, but we got through that and had a blast making these :).

You'll need:
 - a paper plate
 - paint (we mixed ours with water to get a watery finish)
 - paintbrush
 - scissors
 - streamers
 - googly eyes
 - sticky tape
 - hole puncher
 - string

We started out by mixing some craft paint with water to give us two shades of watery blue, then Max got down to the serious task of painting the paper plates. (Note the tongue poking out in the second photo, I love that he does that when he's concentrating!).

After putting the paper plates outside in the sun to dry we (and I mean Max - aka Mr Independent) cut some jellyfish tentacles out of our streamers and cello.

We (and this time I helped, which didn't go down to well with Max, but he got over it quickly) cut the paper plate in half to give us two jellyfish bodies.

 Then we flipped out plates over and Max stuck the tentacles on with sticky tape.

Max used the 'cruncher' to make a hole in the top of the jellyfish and I tied through some string.

Last up Max chose some googly eyes and stuck them onto the jellyfish with glue.

And we were done, two wobbly jellyfish!!


They were so easy and fun that I'm almost tempted to set up a station for the kids to make them at Max's party. Almost, but not quite tempted enough... The idea of ten kids armed with paint freaks me out more than a little bit :).


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