Monday, May 13, 2013

Max and Emmy Being way too Adorable

Last week I mentioned that I spent the weekend on the Gold Coast for my Dad's wedding, and showed a couple of photos of Max and Emmy being adorable. And now I'm excited to say that I have something ever cuter to share... a video of them walking down the aisle holding hands :)

Probably completely boring if you're not family and I thought about not sharing it, but it really is so gorgeous!!

Feel free to skip to 2minutes 15seconds to see the real stars of the show (sorry Dad and Cathy!).

I'm so excited to see the professional photos and video now :)

xx Tamsyn 

ps the baby screaming in the background is Lincoln, he must have been feeling left out

pps I've gone from having one gorgeous and thin sister to having three of them, too bad they're all too nice to hate ;)


  1. Adorable! Love that big smile on Max's face the whole way down the aisle:)

  2. So proud of them all. Emmy looks like she's dragging Max down the aisle! Ava looks like every step is torture, poor darling :o)

    At least link was included!

    1. They look beyond adorable, and at least we know Ava came out of her shell and enjoyed herself later on in the night :)

  3. OMG that smile! He is just too adorable for words! What a great job they both did!!


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