Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Sonic

This morning Max came running up to me and said 'mumma we forgot, we forgot that today is my birthday'. I told Max that it wasn't his birthday and he went on to say 'I'm not Max, I'm Sonic and today is my birthday'. How can you argue with that!? So I threw him a little impromptu party :)

Toddlers really are the cutest!


  1. That boy is seriously cute! Love Cooper getting in on the action too!

  2. How could you possibly say no to either of those faces?! Way to make a sweet memory with your little guy.

  3. haha awww what a sweet little man. :) You're a good mama for humoring him and throwing him a little party!

    1. Thanks lovely. A party for him and a photo opportunity for me, win win!!


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