Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY Earing Display

I'm on a bit of a wardrobe makeover kick at the moment. That, combined with my serious pinterest addiction inspired me to make an earing display for my walk-in-wardrobe yesterday.

I scrounged around in the garage and found an old frame that I had half painted. I decided to paint the whole thing white. Which meant outside time (cue giggles and a happy dance from Max)!

This kid loves going outside more than anything else in the world. It doesn't matter to him that our backyard is unlandscaped and looks more like a building site than a surburban backyard, he just loves to get out there and play.

I splapped a quick coat of streaky white paint onto the frame, and then found a ball and got down to the serious business of playing with Max and Cooper.

Sidenote - this photo is a perfect example of why I would never make it as a fashion blogger. The jumper I'm wearing is one that my bff Erin bought back in 2002 (when we were young enough to get away with wearing 'surf' labels). About seven years ago she left it at my place in a bag of clothes I was supposed to drop off at Vinnies (one of our good old Aussie thrift stores). Like any person with a seriously stylish bff would do, I raided the bag for stuff I liked before I donated it. This jumper was one of the things I kept and I have been wearing it around the house every winter since. Sad but true.

Twenty minutes later my streaky coat of paint was dry (got to love Queensland winters) so I applied two coats of spray paint to the frame. I waited 24 hours for the paint to dry and the nasty smell to fade and then brought the frame inside.

Then all I did was staple gun some ribbon onto the back of the frame. Add earings and hang it up on the side of my expedit. I LOVE the end result! Everytime I walk past it the earings do a little sparkle dance and I get a big goofy grin on my face.

Quick, easy and best of all free (all the materials were things I had lying around the house)!


  1. Thank you! It really was so simple :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your earring display. I have two smaller frames that I'm thinking of making into earring-only holders.
    Jennifer B.

  3. Make sure you post them so I can check them out :)


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