Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Bookworm

Today as I was cleaning up in the kitchen I realised that Max was being very, very quiet. As any mother of a toddler can attest, that is never a good thing.

I grabbed my camera (as you do when you think your child is doing something naughty) and quietly stuck is my head into his room. He was sitting there, with his books scattered all around him, reading to himself. (Well not actually reading - he's 18 months old - but you know what I mean). I did a quick double check to make sure that he wasn't just ripping all the pages out (like he was last time I caught him sitting amongst a pile of books), and then started snapping away.

After a few photos Max noticed that I was there are came over for a big hug, before settling back down in a different corner to do some more reading.



  1. How gorgeous is he now?!! Oh yes, beware the quiet child - I know that one.

  2. Thanks Jeanie :)

    There's that moment of panic isn't there, that moment when you realise it's been at least a minute of silence!

  3. Very sweet!

    Noah is the same. LOVES books and will happily sit and read by himself and point at pictures.

    Max is so grown up now- It has been ages since I stopped by, I am sorry, will try to stop by more often!

  4. I've been terrible too Lulu. I know how busy it is being a Mumma, especially with everything you have going on at the moment! x

  5. My Monet used to do exactly the same - always had her nose in a book from about 12 months and hasn't stopped. Lily on the other hand... loves to look at a book or two and then wants to play with a doll or something.

  6. Isn't it so interesting that two siblings can be so different. One day I might feel ready to experience that myself!


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