Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Over My Chairs

I'm reposting this DIY from my previous blog. I was going through the archives last night and realised how much impact this tiny little change has had on our dining room. Enjoy!!


About five years ago my Dad gave us his old dining room table and chairs, he'd only had the set for a couple of years and it's still in great condition.

It's really nice, but isn't really the right style for our new house. However replacing it is not a priority right now {it's pretty much at the bottom of the list}, so I decided to have a go at recovering the cushions.

I had another reason for doing so as well... a couple of years ago I was resting the iron on one of the chairs and it tipped over and burnt a whole right through one of the covers. I've used chair covers on the chairs for a few years to hide it, but I'm tired of how they look.

I bought the fabric from spotlight along with a cheap staple gun and set about recovering them.

It was really simple. I just unscrewed the cushions from the base.

Measured out how much fabric I would need.

and folded and stapled.

Once the covering was done I just screwed the cushions back on and sprayed them with a waterproofing spray to try and give them some protection from dirt, food and cat fur.

I'm reasonably happy with how the turned out. They're not perfect, but they'll do for now. I'm kind of thinking that I might like to paint the chairs white and then recover them {again} with a fabric that has some colour in it. {Like this, from here}

But I want to wait until we have tiles down first so that I have a better idea of what the dining room is going to look like.

Ta-da, my first major DIY!


I hope you liked my little trip down memory lane... Regular posts will resume tomorrow :)


  1. Oh, nice job! I'd like to give this a go with my own dining chairs. I just might be able to manage it. Good luck with sewing a cushion - it's quite fun when you get the hang of it :) x

  2. Thanks Ellise, I'll do a post about it when I work up the courage :)


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