Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Garage - aka The Dump

Up until this weekend our garage was embarrassingly messy. The kind of messy where you can't find anything and when you do go look for something you risk having a mountain of junk fall on top of you.

Check it out...

Yikes, I need a new word for messy!

It took me a couple of hours (thanks Sean for keeping Max occupied!), but I got there in the end.

 (The stuff on the right is things we need to garage sale, ebay or donate - I should really get onto that!)

A huge improvement none the less!

You might notice that we still can't fit a car in there. But that's ok, I wasn't cleaning it out so that we can park our car in there... I was cleaning out a space for a special delivery we have arriving on Thursday. I am so excited and will share as soon as my 'package' arrives!


  1. You've inspired me to clean out my back porch! (our own version of a garage!) It looks wonderful. I love before and after pics!

  2. You're selling the golf clubs? Does Sean know? :o)

  3. Looks great Tamsyn I really do have to do mine can't even open the door! Wonder what we will see in there on Thurday????

    Always Wendy

  4. Hey Tamsyn, if we had a garage I'm sure that's what it would look like! Thankfully we've only got a carport so all our rubbish gets stored under the house hehe. Glad to find you through Digital Parents, Jac x

  5. It's crazy ho quickly it all builds up, it's nice to here that most people have their own version of my dumping ground :)

    Oops J, I meant the other side is stuff we're selling. Definitely not the golf clubs!

    Jac - Glad to find you too! I'm looking forward to the meet-up :)


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