Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Erin's Baby Shower

On Saturday I threw my  BFF Erin her baby shower. Everything came together really well, and Erin had a great day.

Here's some shots from the day...

Favour Bags for the Guests

We served lemonade, water and champagne for drinks

5 Layered Butter Cake

We also served lunch, along with some other deserts as well. But I forgot to get photos. Oops.

I'm so glad it came together perfectly :)




  1. Looks great! But I can't believe you forgot to take photos of the other stuff! Very slack :o)

  2. Everything looks beautiful! Love the yellow theme! You did a great job with the food and the decorations!

  3. it looks so beautiful. the colours are perfect. that cake looks amazing. lovely to see you. xo.

  4. Such an elegant colour scheme and so well done, congratulations! I love the stripey straws and the lemonade label especially...oh, and those amazing glass holders.

  5. Wow! That looks terrific! You did a wonderful job with the decor. Love the color scheme!

  6. Thanks everyone, I had so much fun putting it all together :)


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