Friday, December 9, 2011


I have so much to share with you guys, our trip to Wolgan Valley, my home-made Christmas ornaments, Max's first Christmas Carols, my Christmas decorating and more...

But instead I'm back in bed. This stupid illness that I have seems to sneak up on me when I do too much. My legs are barely working, I have a cold sore and my face is breaking out, I've got a cold and my eyes have puffed up to the point that I can see my own eyelids when I look straight ahead.

Attractive huh?!

The disease I have is called MS (multiple sclerosis). I will do a post about it at some point, but right now I don't feel like I even know enough about it myself.

I first started getting symptoms a little over two years ago when I was pregnant with Max, and its taken from then until a couple of months ago to get a diagnosis. So its still all very new to me.

Most days my life is perfectly normal. But on the days where it's not (like today) it starts to really get me down. I'm not going to go into too much detail today because I would rather write a post about it on one of those days where I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Which is definitely not today!

So I'm back off to bed to rest up and get better.

I promise I'll be back soon with some festive cheer :)


  1. thinking of you tamsyn. i can't imagine how that must be for you with a little one. take care and rest. xo.

  2. ps: i have been meaning to say you have the cutest looking dog. he is very handsome :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better, soon. I know little about MS but a former employer had it and she, too, had good and bad days. I hope your good days far outnumber the bad ones. But it's good you're getting some rest. If you're tired, then you're body is telling you something.

    I am sending you "good vibes," all the way from Canada!!

  4. I love you and I hope your Drs visit goes well!

  5. I hope these bad days pass quickly. Looking forward to hearing your news at some point!

  6. Oh no =(
    I hope the bad days are few and far between. Take care.

  7. Not good news Tamsyn. The daughter of my parent's neighbour is living with MS. I don't know too much about it. But hope that your bad days are few and far between. I take L-Lysine for coldsores - doesn't help once you have one but helps in preventing their frequency.

  8. So sorry to hear you are feeling down Tamsyn! I will be sure to keep you in my prayers in hopes you will feel better soon!

  9. Veronica - Thank you. And thanks for the comments on Cooper! We think he's pretty cute too :)

    Tanya - The good days are definitely winning at the moment, hopefully it will stay that way! Thank you xx

    Jen - Love you xx

    Jenn - Thanks Jenn, I promise I will share soon :)

    Melody - Thanks lovely x

    Brooke - Thank you for the tip on the L-lysine. A great reminder. I used to take it religiously with my vitamins each day to prevent cold sores. I seem to have forgotten about it over the last couple of years.

    Melanie - Thank you, that means a lot to me xx

  10. Gosh Tam - I had no idea it was so bad - I feel like a terrible friend, hope things improve soon. I dont know much at all about MS

  11. It's ok Cat, I haven't been great about sharing whats going on. Somehow it's easier to write about it than it is to speak about it...

  12. Hi Tamsyn; I've been missing from blog land for awhile so am doing some catchup and just read your post. I'm so sorry to hear this news of your illness. Please rest and take care of yourself. And please know that I'm thinking of you and sending you loads of good thoughts!
    Much Love Leese xx
    I love following you on instagram, it's easier for me these days than blogging, so I still feel like I'm in the loop with my friends in the blog world. Your trip away looked amazing! xx

  13. PPS..I think your pup Cooper and my Ziggy must definitly be long lost cousins...they look so alike!!!

  14. Hey Leese, I love catching up on instagram too :) I don't feel like you've been missing at all! As for Cooper and Ziggy... they could be twins!! They even have the same little bone shaped id tag I think :)

  15. I hope your are learning more about what it means to live with MS. I know for me it is all about planning and energy management. It took me years to figure the balance out though, so I hope your journey is faster!

    1. I'm getting there slowly Ashley. I still forget to take it easy sometimes and jam too much into one weekend.


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