Monday, December 12, 2011

Wolgan Valley

A couple of weeks ago Sean whisked me away for a weekend at Wolgan Valley.


It was seriously amazing!

Before I share details or photos I just want to put it out there (again) that we didn't pay to stay there. The two nights were a gift. If we had a spare $4k lying around I can guarantee you I wouldn't be spending it on two nights accommodation. However if I had squillions of spare dollars lying around and was looking for a good way to spend it I would go back to Wolgan Valley in a heartbeat. That place was ah-maz-ing!

The scenery was to die for. The resort is in the most gorgeous valley up in the blue mountains. Before this weekend away I have always been more of a beach resort kind of girl, but this trip changed me. I never knew we had such amazing landscapes so close to Sydney.

The resort features the original homestead that was built in the 1800's. We took a tour of it, which was cool. But it made me really glad that its not the 1800s anymore. Outhouses make me nervous, too many chances of bumping into a snake or spider. Speaking of which, during the wildlife safari we did see a red belly black snake. One crazy tourist ran straight up to it, calling for her husband to take a photo of her. Turns out having squillions doesn't automatically make you smart... The snake ran (slithered?) away though and all she got was a lecture from the tour guide.

One of the awesome things about the package was that it included all meals and drinks. And not just any meals or drinks. Gourmet breakfast, divine lunch and an 8 course degustation menu with complimenting wines. I was in food heaven! I wanted to take photos of every course, but Sean wasn't keen on that! I can only imagine the kind of damage I would have been able to do back in the days when I could handle more than two glasses of wine!

Hands down the best part of the weekend was time away for Sean and I. Our room was spectacular, yet so comfortable and liveable. We had everything we needed in there for the perfect romantic weekend. Including our own private plunge pool. Definitely a glimpse into how the other half live!

As you might have gathered it was the best weekend I have had in years and exactly what Sean and I needed. Thank you so much Aggie and Kym for passing it on to us!!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful place! And you're right, the landscape is amazing! Glad you guys had a great time!

  2. tamsyn this place is amazing. how lovely for you both to have some time together with such a beautiful backdrop. yep i am really jealous. xo.

  3. Thanks for your comments girls. It was the perfect place for a romantic weekend :)


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