Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Blue & White Christmas

Finally! My Christmas decorating is done and I have gotten around to taking photos :)

As I mentioned earlier in the month, I decided on a blue and white theme, but also included nature inspired elements. I wanted to keep an Aussie feel about it all.

For the front door I made a really simple wreath from sticks and hot glue. I just went down to the 'carefully cultivated to look like true-blue bush' nature reserve near my place and picked up a bag full of sticks off the ground.

I like it, but I think I might go with something a bit more traditional next year.

I decided to put the tree up in the dining room this year. So that ended up being the room that got the most Christmasing (yes that definitely is a word, regardless of what spell check says). Keep in mind though our house is open plan, so really the whole place feels Christmasy :)

I diy'ed a lot of the ornaments and other bits and pieces this year. I'll do a post tomorrow with more details about each of them.

I also made this tiny little Christmas village out of air-dry clay, and it sits on the window sill in the dining room.

In the kitchen I wiped down my chalkboard and then wrote up the words to 'away in a manger', one of my favourite Christmas Carols.

In the main living area I added in a few extra Christmas decorations. A bowl of baubles and my gorgeous Christmas spider (courtesy of Tanya from dans le townhouse). I hung heaps of my diy clay stars on the potted tree next to our picture window, and I added more lights and decorations in our wall cut out.

So there you have it. My decorations for Christmas 2011. Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for some DIYs :)


  1. it looks great tamsyn and i love the colours. we must have had the same idea about the diy stars...i have been experimenting and doing something similar! your house looks lovely and very ready for christmas. xo.

  2. Your Christmas decorating is so beautiful! I love everything about it!

  3. You take the cake for the cleverest and craftiest Christmas elf! Well done.

  4. Looks fab - suddenly I feel very slack about the lack of effort I put into Xmas decorating!!

  5. Your chalkboard is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had beautiful handwriting - mine would look like my 4yo had attacked it :P

  6. Jen - thank you, I can't wait until you get here!!

    V - thanks! I look forward to seeing ho your stars turn out :)

    Laura - You're too sweet, thank you!

    Laura - Thanks :)

    Cat - Your place looks gorgeous, especially considering you have a new baby xxoo

    Tracey - Thank you lovely :)

  7. Oh my that chalkboard looks awesome! Hope you had a lovely Christmas:)

  8. Thanks Kristin, we did have a lovely Christmas. I hope you did too xx


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