Friday, August 24, 2012

28 Weeks

I am officially now in my third trimester!! Which I think makes this enormous belly I'm sporting a touch more except-able :)

I'm still really enjoying being pregnant, I'm uncomfortable and achy for the most part but I'm not letting that burst my bubble just yet (give me a few weeks). I have most of the same issues that I had with Max, dizziness, sore hips at night, needing to pee constantly and sciatica. Other than that though it's all going really well.

I did have a little trip up to the hospital the other day. I paid a quick visit to a local GP because some of my MS symptoms can mimic pre-eclampsia ssymptoms. He ruled it out pretty quickly but sent me up to the hospital anyway because I was just 'off'. They gave me fluids and a few drugs to help with the headaches and dizziness and I was as right as rain. I think I was probably just a little bit run down (what with my strenous 16 hour working week and all!).

I've also had braxton hicks start this week as well. With Max they started at about 22 weeks so I've been expecting them for a while. I don't mind them though, they're probably the closest thing to labour that I'll ever experience so I feel like they give me a glimpse of what it must feel like :)

The big thing that has hit Sean and I this week is that in 10 - 11 weeks we are going to have another baby!! All of a sudden it seems so much more real and I'm so looking forward to meeting this little baby.


  1. You are glowing :)
    I still have not experienced the Braxton Hicks, but im sure its around the corner hehe.
    My pregnancy has gone so fast and I cant believe we will have a little miracle in such short time now. Very exciting ! :)

    1. Thanks lovely, I feel good. Huge, but good :)

  2. You look fabulous and that blue really suits you!

    I remember with Lily feeling like such a whale - urgh (there are photos on my blog to prove it!). I had great pregnancies with no morning sickness or braxton hicks, BUT I hated not ever being comfortable in bed (especially), but all the whining I did was certainly worth it in the end. =)

    1. Thanks Melody, it feels nice to wear something other than grey or black. I think the fact that I'll have another baby soon makes even the worst symptoms seem worthwhile. I really do like being pregnant :)

  3. You look radiant! The countdown is on...


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