Friday, August 3, 2012

Max's Big Boy Room

I've been planning Max's new bedroom in my head (and on pinterest of course) for quite a while now. I've pictured it with a mix of dark timber, white furniture & navy blue stripes. I want to keep some of the elements of Max's nursery, but also show that he's not a little baby anymore. (Click here for a photo of Max's nursery, it's down at the end.)

The time has finally come to get started on this room and I am so excited! When I first got pregnant and started planning Max's room I debated over whether or not to move him to a new room or re-do his existing room. I read that it's not a good idea to displace a toddler when a new baby comes along, but I really wanted to work with a room that hadn't been painted baby blue. In the end I decided to ask Max what he wanted. The room belonged to his cousin Ava (who he idolizes) for the 6 months that my sister lived with me. So when I asked him if he would like to move into Ava's room he was ridiculously excited about it. Win!!

I was still a bit worried about the whole 'kicking him out for the baby' thing, so Sean and I decided to do the switch well before this baby is born.

We started potty training yesterday (after months of half-hearted attempts) and Max did so well that I decided to reward him with his new big boy room. I've moved the main pieces of furniture into the room and Max slept in there for the first time last night.

When Sean got home from work last night, Max took his hand and dragged him straight down to the room. It was so adorable watching him point out all the things in the room. He is so proud to have a big boy room!

I haven't started to decorate it though, so I'm not going to share photos until it's done (or I at least have some decent progress).

Here's some of the images that are inspiring me (all can be found on my pinboard):

I like the combination of dark timber and white (no giraffe though)

Nailhead trim on an upholstered headboard

Navy and white inspiration for the bedding.

I might have hanging globes instead of a map

White teepee and dark furniture

Large frame filled with photos of Max's art

I love this display shelf.

And here's my to do list:
  • Make a headboard and add furniture legs to Max's bed
  • Make bedding, pillow covers and cushions - navy blue stripe
  • Upholster bench seat cushions
  • Turn ugly fake timber blinds into a custom roman blind
  • Instal ceiling fan
  • Refinish antique desk (made for my Mum by her Dad and used by me when I was little)
  • Refinish toy box and add safety hinges
  • Add shelving above toy box (ikea lack floating shelves?)
  • Make display shelf
  • Buy and hang globes or map
  • Make floor cushions for teepee
  • Print and frame collage of Max's art
  • Create a gallery wall of empty frames for displaying more of Max's art
  • Add shelving into wardrobe
Phew, the list seems huge when I write it out like that!! Hopefully I will have some of it done this month and can start to share. I've been so busy working on getting my etsy shop going (soon!) that I haven't done a lot of DIY projects lately. I can't wait to get started!


  1. I have not even started working on Ramona's big girl room. I've been saying it's #1 priority for 6 months now. Who knew the change from a nursery to a big kid room would happen so fast? Can't wait to see Max's room come together. Hopefully it inspires me to get on it! It's wrong to have an almost 3 year old in a crib, right?

    1. If Max hadn't started climbing out of his I would definitely still have him in one :) I think having a baby on the way has made me move a little faster than I would have other wise...

  2. Wow! can't wait to see it all come together. I love the shelves and I may have to steal the hanging globes idea x I have been working on Maksis room since before Leo was born and still haven't finished I think the problem has been that I didn't make a list thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I bet Maksi's room will be gorgeous when it's done! I'm going to try and DIY the shelves, I'll let you know how I go :)

  3. I love your plans for the 'big boy' room! Looks like it's going to be just perfect! So many projects for you to do. You are super woman! I can't wait to see as you check them off your list!

    1. Thanks Melanie! Although having a list is one thing, actually doing the things on it is another :)

  4. How awesome. We changed rooms with Brian too. I was so worried, Kevin wasn't. Brian was fine and loves his room.

    Hanging globes - OMG Brian would die for those! Loving dark and white - I think our room needs that. And that display shelf - I need one!

    What will be for sale in your store?

    1. Good to hear Brian was happy with the switch, thanks Brooke :)

      My shop is going to have capsule collections of homewares. At the moment I'm working on two collections, one that's full of gold and sparkle. Another for a sweet little girl's room :)

  5. Great finds Tamsyn, really love your style. x

    1. Thanks Anna!! Now hopefully I can pull it all together :)


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