Monday, August 20, 2012

Northside Fun Fair

Here in Brisbane we've just had Ekka week, it's a basically a really big carnival. I would love to take Max there one year, but I'm just not ready to face the huge crowds yet. Instead, on the weekend Sean and I took him and his cousin Ava to our local fair.

As far as they were concerned it was every bit as fun as the Ekka! (And it was definitely just as expensive, has anyone else ever been charged $15 for two buckets of chips and a dagwood dog!?).

As well as having seriously pricey food, sideshows and showbags it did have some really cool free activities that we made the most of. We started our night by going to the circus. Seating was really limited so once I found a seat I tried to convince both of them to sit on my lap. Ava didn't mind, but Max was seriously unimpressed!

Once I let them go and stand next to the ring with a bunch of other kids they were so much happier. Max would run back over to me every few minutes to tell me all of the exciting things that he was seeing, it was so adorable!

After the circus we met up with Sean (he came straight from work). We played some sideshow games, ate junk food, helped Ava choose a show-bag and wandered around watching the rides. Max and Ava both played the fish for a duck game as well as the one where you put balls in the clowns mouth. Both games came with a guaranteed prize, so both walked away happy :).

Next up we went to check out the major reason we'd decided to go... the MONSTER TRUCK! Max is 100% obsessed with trucks at the moment. So much so that I had actually considered buying tickets to a monster truck show so that we could take him. Trucks really aren't Sean or my thing though, so when we saw that this one was free we were all over it.

Max thought it was the best thing ever. Ava and I ducked off to go on a pony ride and when we came back Max was up on Sean's shoulders yelling, cheering and clapping with the rest of the crowd. It was so gorgeous! His little eyes were all lit up, and he was just so excited.

After that we grabbed some ice-cream and took a very happy Ava and Max back home. We all had so much fun, I think we'll definitely do it again next year!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend too!


  1. Thanks so much for taking her, she had a blast! Ate all the chocolate when I was at work the next day, smart cookie!

    1. It was an absolute pleasure J. I would have done exactly the same thing as Ava when I was her age!! xx

  2. lovely pics hun, we have the Royal Easter Show here in Syd I am guessing it's along the same lines as your Ekka. I think next year I will finally brave it with babies in tow

    1. Very similar I think. I think I will put off the Ekka until Max is old enough to ask to go, the local fair will do until then :)


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