Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5/52 + Our Weekend Away

Last week I misplaced my camera battery charger so I really didn't get any great snaps of my boys during the week. I did of course get plenty of them on my iPhone. Better than nothing right!?

Max - This weekend a friend of mine and I took our kids down to my Dad's place for the weekend. Max loved playing with his little friend Chloe, they had their moments, but were generally very sweet to each other.

Lincoln - Not a great photo, but I love his little smush-face sleeping on Dad's shoulder. He slept right through the night while we were on the Gold Coast, and I couldn't be prouder!

A weekend on the Coast was just what I needed, I actually felt like I'd had a holiday! We swam, had a barbeque, relaxed out by the water and had some quality family time. Bliss :)

Dad, his Fiance Cathy and my beautiful, chubby little baby
Dad and Cathy's new place on the Gold Coast
Max's first ride on a Jetski. I made Dad keep his speed to 6 knots, but I still found it completely terrifying

The view from the deck

Max and Chloe once they ran out of patience at Church on Sunday morning

 I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend too!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. We can't wait to go and visit too!


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