Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love Bug Valentine and Free Printable

One of my pet names for Max is 'my little love bug' so the other day when I saw this pin I knew it would be the perfect little Valentine for him (and for Sean too).

I was right they both loved them! Well Max loved most of it, he loved seeing his love bug and he loved the marshmallow head, but when he ate the mint choc biscuit he declared 'it tastes like toothpaste!', then asked me to wash his mouth out! Whoops, looks like he's inherited my dislike for mint flavoured things. Max wasn't too traumatized though, he asked for another one the next day and this time just ate everything except this biscuit :).

To make these I read the tutorial from House of Joyful Noise, but switched it up a pinch to include marshmallows (they're Sean and Max's faves).

I used:
 - Mint Slice Biscuits
 - Choc Mallow Bites
 - Choc Fudge Writing Icing (in the little tube)
 - Silver Cachous
 - Love Heart Sprinkles
 - White Chocolate Fondant (tinted rose pink)

Putting them together was super, super simple. I used a little of the choc fudge icing to stick the mallow to the biscuit. To do this I just squeezed on a little icing then pushed them together until the mallow gave way to the shape of the biscuit, then popped it into the freezer for five minutes to set.

I cut some circles out of the pink fondant and cut them in half to make the wings. I stuck them down with a little bit more of the fudge icing.

Then it was just a matter of pushing some love hearts into the icing wings and sticking on cachous for eyes with a bit more of the fudge icing.

So simple and so very sweet!

And... because I love you all, my little Valentine gift for you is a free printable that you can use to make some of these for your own love bugs.

Just click the link below to download it (you'll need the latest version of adobe, which you can download for free here).

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Adorable. I may have to come and steal your printer to get some of those print outs too! :o)

  2. OMG, i totally did not think this was edible when I saw the picture! I wish I had seen this in time for vday!
    Not sure if you have heard, but would love for you to come join our link party. We give away free ad space every week to one random link party-goer.

    1. Thanks Jocie :) I'll come on over and check it out.