Thursday, September 1, 2011

Celebrating Spring

Cooper saw in the first day of Spring by getting himself a puppy-cut. As you can see it was well overdue!

It was the first time Max had come along to drop Cooper off at the groomers. As the girl picked up Coop and took him out to the back of the shop I noticed Max's chin start to wobble. He was calling 'bye-bye pah' with a shaky voice as we walked out the door and as we got to the footpath he was sobbing and still crying out 'bye-bye pah'. So Sad :(

I explained to him that we would be picking Cooper back after his nap. I don't think he really understood though. He was so happy to see Cooper when we went back and picked him up!


  1. oh my goodness he looks totally different. so adorable.

  2. Hi Tamsyn..Coop looks great with his new puppy cut..this is just what my shaggy dog Max needs. I trimmed off some of his knotted fur this week and around his long ears..but he would look better with a proper grooming!

  3. Brandi - thanks! I think he looks much better when he has a puppy cut :)

    Carol - I have tried grooming Cooper myself a couple of times, but I can never get it as perfect looking as the salon does. Plus it takes me about 5 hours to do him. I much happier paying someone to do it!


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