Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three Wonderful Years

Today Sean and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary. Three years, all at once it has gone so fast, yet also feels like forever (in a good way!).

This last year has probably been the toughest for us so far with, job changes for Sean, health issues for me, fertility dramas, as well as feeling the mortgage pinch that goes along with these types of things. It has definitely proven to us that we made the perfect choice in marrying each other. Everything that has been thrown at us has just shown us how much we truly love each other.

This last year has been filled with plenty of positives as well. We have had the wonderful blessing of seeing our family dynamic evolve as Max grows up. Watching Sean be an amazing Dad to Max, has shown me another side of the man I love. Sean is everything I thought he would be as a Father and so much more.

We have also had lots of time with our respective families, something I am truly grateful for. My family love Sean as if he were their own, and Sean's family show me so much love and support too. We couldn't ask for a better extended family!

We celebrated our anniversary on Sunday night, as we knew today (Tuesday) was going to be a busy day for both of us. The three of us went out to a local restaurant for dinner and a had gorgeous family dinner. Most of the night revolved around Max, which sums up year three of our marriage perfectly!


I love you Sean, you are the man of my dreams and I am forever grateful that you choose me to be your wife.


  1. Congrats and happy anniversary! It looks like you had the perfect celebration. Max is adorable and it must be so fun to watch Sean as a dad, as you said. I'm excited to see my husband in that role someday too! I hope the challenges of this past year subside for year four but that God's timing will continue to work perfectly. ;) Thoughts and prayers are with you today. =)

  2. hi tamsyn. this is beautiful. congratulations to you all. wishing you happiness always. xo.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Glad you both took the time out to celebrate. We only celebrated our first year and have a big plan for our 10 year anniversary (next year). Minus kids so that will be a little scary!! Hope number 4 is smooth sailing for you, but they say it's the tough times that make us stronger = )

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  5. Happy belated anniversary! Check your email :)

  6. Thanks very much everyone xxoo


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