Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Long Overdue Tile Update

.....and it's a vlog! Woot, my first one.

I hope you enjoyed my first video post :)


  1. Max is adorable .
    You made me giggle at his giggling and cheekiness.
    Renovating/Building is both exciting and frustrating.
    Love your kitchen and chalk board...need to see it better.
    We have the same IKEA storage. Love peeking into other's houses.

  2. OMG can I have your accent???

    Your son is adorable and the tiling looks great :)

  3. Trish - it is tough, but so worth it! Here's a better shot of the chalkboard for you...

    Brittany - Thank you :) You made me laugh with the accent comment. I'd switch out for a cute American accent any day :)

  4. Very cool to see the inside of your home and sound affects by your little man too cute :)

  5. Your accent has made me homesick. =(

    Living OS, I get comments on my accent all the time. lol. Even though there are a. lot of Aussies living here in the UAE.

    House is coming along wonderfully.

  6. Wow its coming together quickly, it has made such a difference - I can't wait to see it all in person once complete - good on you all - great job!!

  7. very pro-fessional of you!!! well done!!

  8. Michelle - thanks :) I thought about videoing when Max was asleep, but where would be the fun in that!

    Melody - I hope you're managing to hold onto your accent over there. I lived in PNG when I was a kid and ended up with an international accent. 19 years in QLD has fixed that up though :)

    Cat - I can't wait to show you in person! By the time I see you next you probably will have had Rocky :)

    Nicole - thank you! I almost feel like a fully fledged tradie :)


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