Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm dreaming of a White & Blue Christmas

Over here in the Riley household I have a self imposed, 'no Christmas decorating before Max's birthday' rule. I want his birthdays to be about him, and not just a part of the month long Christmas celebrations. His birthday is on the 2nd of December, so it's not too bad. But I'm already seriously itching to get my decorations up.

This year I'm planning a blue and white Christmas, with enough beach thrown in to keep it Australian.

Here's some of the images that are inspiring me. (All can be found on my Christmas PinBoard.)

What colours are you using this year, and have you started decorating yet?


  1. This is useful information because I just posted the spider winner today . . . you won!! Send me an email so I know where to send your spider. And I will get cracking on a blue & white themed Christmas spider for you ;)

  2. My favourite Christmas colour combo -- great inspiration here!


  3. Have you seen the Spotlight 2011 Christmas Guide catalogue? Pages 14, 26 and 36 are in your theme. They have some nice fabrics too.

  4. A little worried at your lack of posting. Hope all is ok and that your trip turned out to be longer than you thought!!

  5. Tanya - thanks again for the spider xx

    Jenny - thank you. It's one of my favourite colour combinations too :)

    Brooke - I haven't seen it, but I'm heading out there soon so I will check out what they have. Thanks again for checking in on me xx


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