Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Challenge # 2

Pinterest Challenge is just about my favourite thing in the whole wide world, which means I'm crazy excited that it's challenge time again!

Pinterest Challenge was dreamed up by the geniuses that are Katie and Sherry. This time round it's also being hosted by Ana and Erin.

For a little while now I've been gathering inspiration to do a mini gallery wall for the blank wall in my laundry. I wanted something that was cute, but also practical. I loved the idea of having a pinboard for odd socks, a hook for Cooper's lead, a stain removal chart for easy reference, along with some pretty art.

While I was getting geared up to put the mini gallery together I went back to my Pinterest boards to find the inspiration I had posted.

Original Sources:

Here's how my wall came together:

And here's the rundown on what I did...

I did some stamping with yarn wrapped blocks for the Erin's favour bags and I really liked how it turned out, so I decided to do some more stamping. This time I used upholstery fabric and screen printing paint. Then I wrapped the fabric around some cork board and put it into a frame I had spray painted white.

The stain removal guide was really easy. I just printed this free printable onto card stock and popped it into a frame.

The painting of Busselton Jetty was given to me years ago and I already had it framed and ready to go.

The number three was also something I had already done. It was inspired by the Seven that John from YHL did. I posted about it here.

The 'love is everything' picture was really fun and easy to make. I just framed a piece of fabric (cut off a coles bag) and then wrote 'Love is Everything' onto the glass. Simple, but I really love how it turned out.

The spotty painting was inspired by the Eraser Stamping DIY that I pinned. I measured up my little canvas so that my circles would be nice and even, then took a pencil with an eraser that had never been used and stamped out my pattern. Simple, but effective.

And last, but not least I hung up an empty frame and stuck a hook to the wall inside of it. The hook I have in there at the moment is a temporary one, I haven't found the perfect one yet!

I'm really happy with how the laundry is coming together. Next on my list is a new washer and dryer that stack on top of each other so that I can add in some more bench space. That will probably be at least a year away though. Unless my blog suddenly grows into an empire and I get sponsered by LG. Hey, a girl can dream right!!

So there you have it, my project for Pinterest Challenge number 2. I'm heading over to check out what everyone else has done, and if you haven't already I highly recommend you do to. Prepare to be inspired!

PS. The tutorial for the Chevron Doormat is here, and the one for the pallet art is here.


  1. your laundry room looks so pretty and airy, thanks to this amazing mini gallery. i LOVE the frame that your painting is in. i love all the white frames - my favorite kind! my pinspiration is here if you are interested (or bored!)

  2. Wow! I love it!
    My laundry "room" (more like a hallway) is overdue for some TLC, too.
    Thanks for the fun ideas!

  3. looks like you had a busy weekend. I love the way your wall turned out~

  4. Love this! It turned out great. =] I have the yarn stamp pinned also. Now I'm going to pin this to my laundry room board.

  5. Looks great! I especially like the yarn and pencil art. Thanks for the comment on my blog as well.

  6. That stain removal guide is the BEST!

  7. Ashlee - Thank you, white frames are my favourite too! I really love what you've done with your Grandmother's birth certificate. Very sweet :)

    Melissa - Thank you :)

    Stephanie - I did, but better busy than boring!

    Rebecca - Thanks heaps for pinning me!

    Jenn - My pleasure :)

    Katie - I know right!! Especially handy if your husband is as messy as mine ;)

  8. I love how all the elements work so well together! What a great collection of awesome. Thanks for stopping by! I do think it's funny that we did actual pinboards for a virtual pinboard website challenge. :)

  9. Your laundry room looks great! I love the little art frames that you created with such simple material. Good job!

    Also, thank you checking out my time-out-chair.

  10. Love the stain removal guide. I once printed out the symbols and explanations that you find on clothing tags. I lost it because I never knew what to do with it. Frame it is an awesome idea. Love your stamping too!

  11. I LOVE your gallery wall! You've given me many more ideas for mine! At this rate, I'm going to need an entire wall! :)

  12. Pretty!! I love them all. (Also, awesome chevron rug by the door!)

  13. Thanks for your kind comment! I clicked over here to thank you and saw your awesome gallery wall, so glad that I did!

  14. That looks awesome! I need to print off that stain removal guide, love the idea of having it framed :)

  15. This turned out great! I love everything that you came up with :)

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

  16. Love ALL this. You're so creative and crafty! :)

  17. love the new gallery wall with homemade art! i especially love how your love quote is on the glass rather than embroidered like i originally thought, because then it's changeable.

  18. This looks really nice. Great balance of practical and decorative! Rather, things that are both practical and decorative all in one. =)

  19. Came over check out your blog after reading your comment (thanks by the way!) and I'm so glad I did! The wall turned out beautifully! My laundry room is so bland and boring - my "gallery wall" is all of my brooms & dusters hanging up along the one free wall. But you've definitely inspired me to make into a more enjoyable space! :)

  20. Emily - I didn't think of that, how funny!

    Carina - Thank you :)

    Brooke - Thanks lovely. I can definitely see the chart coming in very handy in the future :)

    Ashley - I know what you mean! I did an entire wall of photos in one of my hallways.

    Sarah - Thanks!!

    Adrienne - Thanks heaps for clicking over :)

    SingleMama - I wish I take credit for the great idea!

    Catharine - Thank you so much!

    Carrie Anne - Thanks lovely xx

    Justine - Thanks. When I saw the original I couldn't work out if it was embroidered or written on the glass. So I decided to take the easy option and write on the glass :)

    Andrea - Aww thanks :)

  21. Thanks Hannah! Your description of your 'gallery wall' made me smile. At least its practical! :)

  22. I really like the eraser dot art

  23. Wow, this looks awesome. You are so clever. I've not heard of the Pinterest Challenge. you've inspired me to go and take a look!

  24. YES!!!! I knew I wasn't crazy! I mentioned that I wanted to something like this to husband and he thought I was losing my mind!!!!

    The laundry is one if my favourite rooms in the house and I wanted something fabulous on the wall!!

    I too will have a 'Lost Sock' board I pinned this a while back!

    Thank you lovely lady for making me feel 'normal'! I'm off looking for inspiration!



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