Friday, November 18, 2011

Invites and Holidays

Today I finished up the invites for Max's 2nd Birthday party. I'm really proud of them, it's the first time I've done the graphic design without Sean's help. :)

This weekend I need to get my butt into gear and finish prepping everything else for his party.

Even more so, now that I've found out what Sean's surprise is...

Next weekend we're heading away to Wolgen Valley Resort courtesy of Sean's parents. I am beyond excited!! Two days of doing nothing but relaxing. Sean's parents are staying at our place and taking care of Max, so it will be like a mini second honeymoon for Sean and I.

Back soon with more party decorations :)


  1. Wolgen Valley looks amazing!

    Have you sent the invites out yet? Because you're going to hate me, but it should be "you're invited" :-/ I just know how much work you're putting into this and don't want you to kick yourself!

  2. I spotted it too Fern and I am kicking myself!! My budget for the party is really tight, so I've decided to send them out anyway :)


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