Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sean Has A Surprise

My lovely husband Sean has a surprise for me, and it's killing me! I love surprises, but I also hate not knowing everything.

Everyday I ask him to tell me what the secret is, but instead he's giving me random clues. Which means I'm spending way to much time everyday trying to guess what the surprise is.

The clues he's given me are: Blue, Nature, Melbourne Cup and Heritage.

So far I've guessed the following (but he won't tell me if I'm right):

1. Underwater World in Mooloolaba
 - Blue = Water
 - Nature = Fish
 - Melbourne Cup = We're going on the first Tuesday of next month
 - Heritage = Max's Grandparents are coming with us

2. Outback Spectacular (A show) on the Gold Coast
 - Blue = The ocean on the Gold Coast
 - Nature = Outback
 - Melbourne Cup =The horses that are in the show
 - Heritage = The show is about our Australian Heritage

3. A Holiday to Cairns
 - Blue = The ocean in Cairns
 - Nature = The Great Barrier Reef
 - Melbourne Cup = MC is sponsored by an airline and we will fly to Cairns
 - Heritage = The Daintree Rainforest is Heritage Listed

4. A Night at Kingfisher on Fraser Island
 - Blue = The ocean
 - Nature = Fraser Island
 - Melbourne Cup = We'll need to wear hats
 - Heritage = Fraser is Heritage listed

5. My Grandma is Coming to Visit
 - Blue = She will through the blue sky to get here
 - Nature = She;s coming from New Zealand
 - Melbourne Cup = She will fly with Emirates (MC Sponsor)
 - Heritage = She is my heritage.

So there you have it, that's what I've guessed so far.

If any of you want to put on your detective hats I would love some help deciphering these clues!!


  1. Owh how exciting!! Hope you don't burst trying to figure it out before the surprise happens.

  2. All sound good - which would be your preference??

  3. Oh my! I really hope it's the last one!

  4. Oooo - oh Cairns - how I miss my home!!

  5. How fun! I both love and hate husband likes to tease me with them too. :)

  6. I'm really excited!! To answer your question Cat, my top picks are either a quick holiday away or having my Grandma come and visit :)


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