Friday, November 11, 2011

Max's Birthday Party

In three short weeks, my gorgeous little guy is turning two!

Last year I didn't have a theme or do any decorating for his birthday, so this year I am making up for it!

Ever since we flew to Adelaide in October Max has been obsessed with planes. Everyday he tells me how he went in a plane with Nona and Mumma. He even does little actions with his hands and says 'weeeee'. Adorable!

I've been pinning heaps of inspiration and I think I have a really good idea about how the party is going to look.

Invite Inspiration

Plane Cake (We'll make a plane topper out of fondant though)

Plane Banner from Etsy

Plane Cupcake Toppers - also from Etsy

How adorable are these stamped wooden spoons?!

You can see the rest of my inspiration images here

We're not planning on having a huge party. Just family and friends that live close by. I'm still really excited though, I think Max will love it!

I'm going to get the invites done and posted today and then get started on the decorations. A perfect weekend in my book!

I hope you all have a great weekend too :)


  1. VERY cute! I love the plane motif, and those little wooden spoons are just the sweetest! I hope it goes just as you imagined!

  2. Love the plane cake! Looking forward to see what you end up doing.

  3. Looks like it will be an awesome day. If I did this theme I would have to be a dag and serve "plane food" in segmented containers. I think I might be the ONLY person that likes plane food! FYI I think Big W has "cloud" lollies.

  4. Erin - Thank you, me too :)

    Jenn - Thanks!!

    Brooke - Great ideas! Thanks for the tips, you've got me thinking now :)

  5. This is the cutest theme.
    My son would loooove it.
    He's also a tad plane-obsessed since flying international twice this year.
    Funnily, the trips had the opposite effect on me!!

  6. Haha Shar, I can only imagine what international travel with a toddler must be like!


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