Monday, July 4, 2011

Some DIYs Don't

As part of my wardrobe make over, the other day I decided to do something with the black frames that hold these adorable shoes cards (thanks Mum - I love them!). They were one of the first things that I hung in our house, way back when we first moved in (August 2008). If you have a look at my wardrobe inspiration board you'll see that whilst the shoe photos work perfectly in that space, the black frames were definitely not going to stick around.

Rather than just paint them white, or cream, or bone, or off-white (my go to colours). I decided to make them a little bit more interesting. I had this left over paper from our wedding invitations that I really want to use somewhere in our house. So I decided to cover them with the paper.

I sat Max in his chair, gave him a stack of paper, crayons, pencils and toys and sat down to get started. After getting up fifteen times because 'Daw' (dog - for those of you that aren't fluent in toddler) had been thrown to the floor, I decided that coffee was urgently needed.

With coffee in hand and Max happily colouring I got stuck into it. It was really simple to do. I just measured up each side of the frame and cut out the pieces I needed. It was then time for me and my first true love - double sided tape - to get to work. Anyone that has ever got their craft on with me in real life will know that I have unhealthy obsession with double sided tape. Anything that can (and probably should be) glued gets the double sided treatment. I can't get enough of the stuff. Sure, everything takes me twice as long, but you just can't beat the neat, perfect result that double sided tape gives you!

Anyway, after double sided tape and I declared our undying love for each other I started sticking on my pre-cut pieces of lace paper. I was loving it, vintagey and sweet and everything I want in my wardrobe. Perfect! When I noticed you could see the black frames peaking through in places I thought about painting the frames white first, but then decided I liked the black showing through. It kind of took the edge off the lacey, girliness.

About this point Max decided that he was finished colouring and threw a massive, toddler tantrum. You know, the type where the world is ending because you haven't read their mind and given them what they want before they've told you they wanted it! I popped him on the floor with some more toys and got back to it. The sweet little monkey climbed straight up into the chair next to me and started copying what I was doing! Love it!

With Max settled in again I kept sticking my pieces on and, voila I was finished! I stood back and admired my craftiness :).

I hang the frame up on the wall and got ready to start on the other two frames, but then it struck. I absolutely hated the way it looked from a distance. I took a hundred photos to make sure that I really hated it, and I did. It looked horrible. Sadface.

So I moved the mirror to that wall (given to me by my friend and neighbour Dez, thanks Dezzie!), put the frames in the spare room with my pile of stuff that needs a new home and called it a day.

Sidenote - can you really call yourself an Aussie unless you have a friend whos name is abbreviated using a 'Z'. We all need a Dez, Shaz, Bazza, Gazza or Ezzy in our lives!)

Some DIY's are so much fun to do, but just don't work out the way you planned.


  1. Too true. Hey Taz?? *wink wink*

  2. Sometimes we need to go through that hard work just so the idea is out of our system! I'm a double sided tape girl too - and a hater of glue. Ha! I also have a friend named Dezzie.

  3. Only cool people have friends named Dez and you, my dear are one of those lucky people... love Dez

  4. Melody - I like how that sounds! Taz!!

    Brooke - Yay so glad to find another double-sided tape addict :)

    Dez - Too true my dear, I'm very lucky to have you :)


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