Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Ok to Dream

On the weekend my friend Cat and her husband came to stay with us. They had driven down here to buy furniture for their soon to arrive baby girl.

It got me thinking about what I'll do if I ever get the chance to decorate my own baby girl room. I am a huge girly-girl and love all things pink and pretty so having a girl would be a dream come true.

Don't get me wrong Max is perfect and I did always want to have a boy first, but now I have him I'm definitely ready for my baby girl!

Here's what's inspiring me this week:


Please, please, please let me have a baby girl next!


  1. very pretty, then in 4 yrs time you can decorate my baby girls room xxx

  2. Oh gorgeous. I never had girls, never got to do the whole 'girl thing'.

  3. they are lovely, but you know what? I had TWO girls and never got to do the girly room except for the nursery.

    Tomboys. DAMN THEM!

  4. Loving the all-white space with pink ottoman! I got to design a lovely nursery for my daughter and loved every moment.... unfortunately by the time they are 2 all your well-intentioned white pristine beauty goes out the window!! Well, mine did anyway...

  5. Dez - why wait four years, just have one now!

    Rhu - I have a funny feeling that I might be in store for a house full of boys too, but I can dream!

    Kelley - At least you got the nursery!

    Nicole - I was having a look at your kids rooms the other day. They are both so beautifully designed :)


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