Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekly Pinspiration - One

 Pinterest is a constant source of eye candy. Here's whats inspiring me this week:

This image has inspired my latest diy project (more details soon!)

I am dreaming of a canopy over my bed... Why is it that the bedroom is so far down my to-do list?

I'm already planning out our next house (even though it's years away)

I'm dreaming of a summer/beachy holiday

And trying to convince Sean that installing a sunken trampoline will be easy :)

All images are from my pinterest boards.


  1. I'm such a pinterest novice. I wish I had the time to change that - the inspiration there is pretty darned amazing!

  2. I "hate" that website! Every time I go there I get stuck for ages looking at all the beautiful things, and then wishing I had more time and imagination to make some of them come true!

  3. It is definitely a time suck :)

  4. oh tamsyn. pinterest will take years off your life! love these pictures you found. that bathroom door is gorgeous and i only wish that was me on the pool lounge!

  5. Me too! A holiday would be perfect right about now :)


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