Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Getting My Green On

For just about ever I have been wanting to plant some succulents or grow a terrarium.

I have been drooling over photos like these, but have never actually bitten the bullet and planted my own.

(photos from here)

I don't know why I've never gotten around to it. It's not like it's super hard or super expensive to plant some sweet little succulents.

My original ideas was to have two or three potted succulents sitting under a bell jar or glass cloche (like the Young House Love photo above). I hit up the homewares and thift stores in my local area, but couldn't find anything I liked (at a price I could afford). So I moved to plan B.

I used a couple of small ceramic and glass containers that I had at home, bought some plants and tiny rocks from Bunnings. And here we are, adorable planted succulents!

I wanted a little cake stand to display them on, but again couldn't find anything nice, in the right size and at a decent price. So I made one (again from things I had at home). I hot glued a white egg cup to the bottom of a square serving plate. I really like how the whole thing turned out.

There's nothing like a bit of nature inside the house!


  1. Hi Tamsyn..I love what you have done with your succulents and handmade cake stand..that was genius!

  2. Too clever! What an absolutely fabulous idea with making your own cake stand!

  3. I love green!
    and I love that wall of photos/frames. ;)

  4. These look fantastic I love how you've put them on a pedastal. I've been wanting to do a terranium but I manage to kill most plants (even succulents) I touch so haven't been brave enough to attempt it yet! Nice job ;)

  5. Your succulents... and your blog for that matter.... are so cute! Hello!


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