Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homemade Art (if you can call it that)

*** please note - this post has a photo of a nude drawing - if that's not your thing skip this post and come back tomorrow ***

Art work is one of those things that takes your house from dull or copy-book, to being individual and well thought-out.

I am a huge sucker for gorgeous pieces of art. I love statement pieces that make a room, and huge pieces that take up an entire wall. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for either of those just yet...

Because of that we have spent a lot of time in this house with sad, bare walls. I'm slowly coming around to the idea that money doesn't grow on trees and am starting to get more creative with ways to decorate.

One of the things I've started doing is creating my own pieces of art (I'm using the word 'art' loosely here). Here's what I've come up with so far...

This quote is one that I saw here. I just got a plain piece of paper, a sharpie and wrote it out.

I was inspired by the seven John at YHL did for their gallery wall. This, and the watercolour below are going to be part of my gallery wall in the front room. (I created mine the same way John did, click the link for his tutorial.)

This picture is one that I love. Whilst it might look like much, Max and I created it together so it is probably my favourite thing in the house at the moment!

These two pictures I drew from images that I liked on etsy. Like I said, our budget is really, really tight, so rather than buying the pictures, I drew/painted them myself. Does it make it ok if I link to the original artists (here and here) and strongly encourage you to go and buy their art? The original artists nude is a billion times better than mine, but hey I tried!

They might not be perfect, or even that creative for that matter. But I like them and they go along way towards making our house feel like a home.


  1. love that quote! well done with the art work. i think having your own pieces around your home are perfect. i have the kids paintings and various artworks framed all over the place. our walls are happy and it keeps there creative minds alive! ps: thanks for dropping by my blog. appreciate your comment :)

  2. I love them. Especially the blue abstract that you and Max made.

    You could totally sell that. I am SERIOUS!

  3. I really love all of these DIYs (I can't pick a favorite) - I think homemade art speaks far more volume than store-bought.


  4. I love your art work. I agree with Natasha that homemade speaks volumes :)

  5. Thanks girls, you're comments made me smile :)


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