Friday, July 15, 2011

Gallery Wall

Do you ever start a project around your house that ends up being a 'work in progress' for almost ever? I do. All the time unfortunately. This gallery wall was one of those. Although now that it's finished I love it more than ever so it was definitely worth it!

Early in the year I started by getting together all the spare white frames I had at home. I then cut out bits of paper the same sizes as them and started work on the layout. I stuck them onto the wall with bluetac and then filled in the spaces with extra bits of paper so I knew how many more frames to buy and what sizes I needed.

Now, in the spirit of complete honesty I'm going to admit the wall stayed like that for about four weeks (oh and that old blue couch has since been banished from the main living area!). At least it gave me a chance to decide that I really loved the idea of a gallery wall!

When I finally got my butt into gear I hung the frames that I already had and started printing out the photos I wanted to be on the wall. Each time I went shopping I looked for more frames that were on sale - I don't think I paid full retail for a single frame (except for the ikea ones, but they were dirt cheap anyway). My idea was to have a mix of frames, with white being the constant that tied them all together.

For the last couple of months the wall has been almost finished, I just needed to add a few final touches. I finally did them and ta-da - my finished gallery wall!

Here are some of my favorite details:

Sean took the photo in the bottom right frame. It's four generations of my family. My Grandma (Mum's Mum), my Mum, my Sister and I and two of our kids (Ava and Max). It's a beautiful photo and one I will always cherish.

Ages back I posted about how I was trying to get Max to pose for photos and how this was what I got instead. It captures his strong spirit and independent personality so well that I decided to include it on the wall.

I have been trying to make a good silhouette of Max for ages. Finally I found this tutorial and managed to make one that actually looks like him!

This photo strip is from a friends wedding. I love that it captures a side of Sean and I that doesn't come out very often anymore. Sean's parents were babysitting Max that night and we were able to let our hair down and have some fun.

This photo was taken by Sean 7 seconds after Max was born. In my opinion it is the best photo Sean has ever taken and I am so grateful that he was able to be there taking photos as our beautiful baby came into this world.

So there we have it. My (finally finished) gallery wall.


  1. Wow - that looks simply fantastic! Well done you.

  2. Love it Tam it is such a wonderful idea!!

  3. Oh wow, this is GORGEOUS. I'm loving your blog!

  4. Looks awesome... well done to you!! I have something similar at my home though on a slightly smaller scale!

  5. Thanks girls, I took lots of inspiration from other blogs and websites for this project :)

  6. Love the display. I have timber frames but love white maybe I could do a feature wall upstairs (or in the stair well) and downstairs. One timber and one white. Do you think that could work?

    1. Definitely! I have several gallery walls at my place. I'm loving them right now!


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