Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Winter To-Do List

Lately I have been seeing gorgeous Summer To-Do Lists popping up all over the internet.

I was feeling so inspired to do one for Max and me when summer rolled around next. Although it wasn't until I was reading through all of the reader comments on Katie's post about her list, that I decided why wait!? There's nothing stopping me from doing a winter to-do list for the monster and me. Its not like it really gets cold here anyway!

I cleaned off the chalkboard in the kitchen.

And wrote up our list. I'm loving it!!

We've already crossed one thing off our list. We took Cooper for a walk this afternoon. Not the kind where I push Max in the pram and walk Cooper. The kind we walked Cooper (at toddler pace) around the block, holding hands. It was magical. Max wanted to stop every couple of metres to point something out to me, or pick up a leaf, or wave at kids across the road. It was such a sweet and fun thing to do.

If you have young kids I highly recommend writing up a list of fun things to do together!


  1. Oh, I love your to-do list, Tamsyn. I started these school holidays with lots of ideas for things to do and then forget them all! Bet Max really enjoyed your walk too.
    Clare x

  2. What a lovely list! Love the board in general- great idea.

    Photo of max, teddy and the list is awesome.

  3. Hi Tamsyn..I love your list of things to do with your little boy..and sometimes your dog! Having a big reminder like that will put a great perspective on life.

  4. What a lovely idea - and you have such lovely handwriting.

  5. Thanks everyone. I think Max is loving our list and I know I am!


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