Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Creativity Knows No Bounds

I was going to share my latest, pinterest inspired creation with you today. But, after reading Katie and Sherry's blogs and reading all about the Pinterest Challenge, I decided to keep that post until next Tuesday.

In the meantime I'll show off my awesome adapatability (sarcasm).

Last night as I was getting Max ready for bed I realised that we were completely out of clean pyjamas and tracksuit bottoms. I raided his wardrobe to find something warm enough for him to sleep in and came up with a too small onesie.
I figured it was stretchy enough and crammed him into it.

Only problem was, when he stood up he could barely walk for it being so tight. Oops. Probably not very comfortable...

Being the creative genius that I am (sarcasm again), I took to his onesie with a pair of sissors.

And voila...

Max's new PJs :)


Happy Thursday :)


  1.'s perfect! what a cutie. loving these photos alot!

  2. Wow, what a cutie this little guy is!


  3. He is just SO cute! I especially love the one of him doing his John Travolta moves! My kids were always longer than they were round too and I was very tempted to do this to some of theirs too.

  4. Thanks girls, he has plenty of personality to match :)


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